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  • Hey, it's those Seal Mask people. They're now the Official Mask of and, like Ironman California, if you want to demo the most comfortable "goggle" on the market, you can do so on any of your pre-race swims. Just talk to the lovely Amy Twist (no relation to Chubby Checker) or Philippe Gadeyne.

    Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Philippe Gadeyne in his Seal Mask!!


    Seal Mask Is Now the Official Mask of

    You might think they look dorky until you try a pair for yourself. Early this week, formed a partnership with Seal Mask, makers of comfortable eyewear for swimming. It's not a pair of goggles but a hydrodynamic mask made specifically for swimming. The best features of this product is it's incredible visibility AND comfort. There will be no more raccoon eyes at camps.

    You probably saw Seal Masks on, Brian Rhodes, the leader of the swim at Ironman California - not to mention the men's & women's overall winners of the race, staff members, Chris Legh & Heather Fuhr. Until you try them you'll never appreciate this advancement in swimming eye wear. They may look retro but they're a quantum leap forward.

    Give them a try when you see them at your next race - you'll be glad you did.