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  • The good folks from Ironman Wetsuits were on hand this morning giving anyone who was interested the opportunity to try out one of their new VO2 Stealth wetsuits. Company president, Kieth "Buff" Simmons, tries to find his way out of a plastic bag while preparing the demo booth at the swim start. Hey Buff, better let Henry handle it.

    Ironman Wetsuit fit specialist, Edward Hill assists an Ironman athlete with another suit. Always wanted to swim in an Ironman Wetsuit? This is the perfect place give one a try!

    Oh great. First face painters and now this. An unidentified (name was withheld to protect the innocent) tri-DRS athlete goes a little over board with the whole "USA" part of the Lake Placid event's name. Alrighty then . . .

    We dissed him back in May when we neglected to include his name as one of the Ironman California finishers but B&L Bike and Sport's own Stefan Alsop was looking way too relaxed before his morning swim. We'll be following Stefan's progress and have his finish time posted with everyone else this time around!

    Charles Atlas? No, it's one of Huddle's personal athletes, Josh Gold of Ossining (where?), New York. Voted "most obnoxious" at the Boulder Ironman Camp (two years in a row!), Josh was living up to his title all morning.


    Underpants Run Anticipation

    As more athletes arrive, the morning swim at Mirror Lake is getting more crowded. Complete with a gear check in tent and music blaring from the dock, athletes who want to get in to loosen up are treated to all of the amenities you'll find in Kona. Wednesday saw more athletes and a splash & dash race for kids.

    Work at included the beginning of many interviews with the top pros, participating locals, and human interest stories. Athletes interviewed today included, triathlon legend, Jimmy Riccitello; top female swimmer and the new record holder at the Blackwater Eagleman, Andrea Fisher; relative new comer Michelle Deasy, challenged athlete, Tony Trocolli; and 2nd place Ironman California pro, Peter Kotland.

    Beyond the continual influx of athletes, the primary story was the weather. After an over cast morning the skies opened up in the afternoon. Just as it looked like it would pour all day, it backed off to a drizzle and became partly cloudy for a spectacular sunset on Mirror Lake. The forecast called for rain on Saturday, clouds but no rain on Sunday, and a very rainy Monday. The good thing so far has been that temperatures remain relatively warm. We'll see what happens.

    While things are quiet, you could sense the anticipation and nervousness in a chosen few who had, perhaps the biggest event of their weekend less than 24-hours away. Local stores were running out of 3-packs of BVD's and Fruit of the Looms and there was a run on black socks. The inaugural Lake Placid Underpants Run would be run at 8:30am the next day. Who could sleep on this night?