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  • The group gathers before the start of the underpants run - not your typical Lake Placid summer sight.

    Jon Puskas and Russ Digiovanna show off their "fruit of the looms" after the run. Talk about smuggling plums! Nice job boys.

    Yeah, we know it's blurry but Huddle had to loan the camera to an amateur. The entire group performs a crowd-pleasing flex at the finish.

    Nat, Mary Ellen Powers (definitely one of the women's favorites) and the pride of the Old Pueblo - Jimmy Riccitello ham it up for the camera at the expo. Nice look Jim.


    Hide the Kids, It's the LP Underpants Run!

    It looked like any other Friday morning in Lake Placid until you came upon the parking lot outside High Peaks Cyclery and came face to face with a gathering of grown men wearing generic white underpants. It could only be one thing: the infamous Underpants Run.

    A run against the proliferation of inappropriate wearing of speedo style swim suits, the Lake Placid edition ran from High Peaks up Main Street to the end of the stores, turned around and came back via a loop through the swim area. It was a beautiful sight and got a lot of smiles from unsuspecting tourists heading to breakfast and other athletes who were out an about. While the pace at the front strung the field out, control was eventually gained and one underpanter who was running with his kid on his shoulder (also in underpants) was able to catch up. Eventually the little guy was on his own feet matching the parade pace.

    Since it was a benefit run to support local charities, all participants were asked to make a donation as an "entry fee". While many claimed to not have their wallets (as they patted their underpants in feigned distress), the preliminary total was just shy of $200.00 with many checks promised over the next day or two.

    We're looking forward to an even bigger turnout at Ironman Canada on August 25th.