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  • TMS at the end of a 4-hour paddle.

    Just another beautiful garden within one of the many temples in town.

    TMS takes a break mid way through a 7-hour ride.

    This is half way through a 3-Ĺ hour run. Started in town at 6000ft. Ran straight up to 9000ft then 15 km on a trail etched along the side of the mountains then straight back down. They were still smiling at this point.

    Just had to put a shot of me in here as proof that I am really here and not down in Mexico surfing.

    A wall encases the town of Dali. This is the main entrance into town.

    This is the main means of transport in the town of Dali.


    Roch and Paul Coach Chinese Adventure Racing Team

    From mid September to the end of October, Paul Huddle and I will be coaching Team Mild Seven (TMS) in China. I am currently here in Dali, which is in the southwestern area of China. Dali is the location where the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest (MSOQ) has taken place the past two years. The town is at 6000ft with 13000-foot mountains out the back door of the hotel that we are based at.

    The MSOQ is a four-day adventure race taking place this year in Lijiang China from November 2nd to 5th. This is a stage race, which consists of Mountain biking, off-road running, Kayaking, Inline skating, ride and tie, traditional paddling, and various adventure skills. The athletes donít go all night like the Eco Challenge, but race each day from 6-10 hours with the last day finishing with a climb up to 15000ft.

    We are taking TMS through some major training right now to get them ready for race day. After they get through the 40-day training camp, the 4-day race will seem like a walk in the park.