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  • Yup, its Spencer Smith and he is looking like he is ready to race

    Larry the "Cramper" is looking very fit. Anybody who was at our 1999 Ironman Boulder camp knows why he is nick named the cramper.

    Kirk Waymire just won the "king of the beach" at Dig Me Beach this morning. Wow! look at those biceps!

    Yup, its John "Devil" Duke, one of the founders and partners of The respone you are seeing is what I got when I asked him for 10 seconds of his time for this photo. His remark to me was: I don't have time, I got stress!


    Ironman Hawaii Monday October 9th, 2000

    Its 7am Monday morning and the majority of the fittest people have arrive in Kona on the big island of Hawaii for the big dance. And as usual, everybody is meeting down at Dig Me Beach for their morning dip in the water or thatís what the want everybody to think. By the looks of these photos you would think people are only concerned about how they looked when they did it and not how they did.

    Some big news is that Jurgen Zack had a slight fight with a car two weeks ago in San Diego and as usual, the car won. Jurgen wont be racing this year as he is nursing a sever broken collar bone, but still made the trip to Kona to hang out at Lava Java where he has opened up a temporary office.

    Check for daily updates and pics.