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    Is it realy Huddle? Could he be at two places at once? Ask Kristin, JT and Donna. They are the only three that truly know.

    Here he is again? Huddle was with us (along with his tight BVDís and dog) during the UPR.

    Pierogy Man makes a move to the front half way through the run, but in the end he (or she?) faded.

    Yes! We had a bigger group again this year. Have signed a deal with so that participants can pre-register online next year!

    The final sprint down to the finish by Pacific Vibrations! There were no winners as we were all losers today.

    The Canadians are invading Kona! Steve Hegg is in the middle, but since he spent time in Canada during his professional downhill skiing career he gets duel citizenship. Heather Fuhr, Graham Fraser, Lori Bowden and the Kennedyís.


    Ironman Hawaii Wednesday October 11th and Thursday October 12, 2000 (am)

    Yup, we got a great turn out again this year at the Underpants Run (UPR). Increasing up to about 40 people (a 25% increase in participation), the UPR once again is increasing in popularity. Big thanks to Mike at Pacific Vibrations for letting start and finish in front of his store. Enjoy the attached photos of the underpants run and a few pics from some casual social events.

    Will have a second Thursday update later today with photos and info from the pro meeting. It will be interesting to see how many men are predicting a sub 8-hour race.