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  • Spencer Smith looking VERY fit.

    Thomas Hellriegel is ready to race and said he was disappointed that Luc was not racing. He wanted to take him down here in Kona this year.

    Chris Legh giving a short interview on his way out from the press conference.

    Heather Fuhr with Canadian Journalist Nick Lees from Edmonton. Nick is also a camp alumni and during his camp experience taught us all how to properly fall off either sides of the bike.

    Heather with her 88 year old Grandma. She met her, along with her father and aunt and uncle, at the airport Thursday night. It was Grandmas first flight in 88 years.


    Ironman Hawaii Thursday and Friday, 2000.

    Its old news now so I wont dwell on it to much, but Luc Van Lierde pulled out of the race yesterday. Dan Schoor from Saucony announced the big news yesterday at the press conference. has all the details. The press conference was not attended by many of the pros, but for once it seemed to go off great. Instead of the normal panel of athletes seated in front of the press, each athlete had a table of their own and the media roamed from table to table giving short interviews. Seemed to work well and the athletes also seemed pleased.

    Very hot, clear and humid today here in Kona. This would make for a very interesting race if the conditions are similar on race day. Today was very quite at the pier except for all the workers getting the transition area and finish line ready for the big day tomorrow. Race starts at 7am and will be covered live on Thatís all from me in Kona until after the race. Gotta go and cook dinner for Heather.

    Thanks for reading,

    Roch Frey