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  • Heather, "Jeff Gordon", letting loose on Halloween.

    Look out, its one of the Hansen brothers from the movie "Slap shot" trying to take out Jeff Gordon.

    Oh ya, Greg Welch is alive and well and up to his old tricks. Sian and Greg having a blast bottom fishing in Maui.

    Wow, look at the size of that one! Roch scores with the smallest catch of the night.

    Heather, Lori, Wendy, Peter, and Greg. Several of the top triathletes the sport has ever seen hanging out at sunset time in Maui.

    Now the addition of the spouses, Wendy’s Husband Kurt and Heathers other half Roch.

    Heather and Lori giving "bottom fishing" a try in Maui after Ironman.


    Off season sessions, #1.

    Here is a collage of photos take from the end of the season. Proof that it’s not all work, especially at years end. Enjoy.