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  • The three boys getting psyched for NASCAR driving school. Pat Connor, Roch Frey and Scott Ramey.

    Roch slipping into his machine. Nothing like hitting 148mph in the corner and 160mph on the straights!

    Side by side racing at 160mph. Not the normal thing for a triathlete or coach to be doing, but good for a big time rush!

    Look out Jeff Gordon. The scouts were watching and have already been in contact with Roch!

    Yup, thatís Huddle under the pink towel. Looking a little to relaxed, but hey, itís the off-season. Should mention that he just finished a 6-hour run.

    Heather and Lori just hanging out at the ski hill.

    Bet not to many know that Peter Reid comes from a down hill ski racing background? Watch him in the powder during a Heli skiing session and you very soon realize that he has spent some major time on his boards.

    Roch all smiles Heli skiing.

    Roch after Heli skiing. Remember: Do as the coach says and not as he does.


    Off-season photos #2

    Here you go. A few more photos of what took place this past off-season. Please accept our apologies if the NASCAR photos bore you. Very few triathletes are also gear heads like Roch.