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  • Deb Hankens (right) of Cherokee Iowa and Beatrice Van Horne (middle) from up the I-5 in Santa Barbara get a little one-on-one explanation of the features on a CompuTrainer from Quadzilla (John Howard).

    Haven't see the sun in a while? Claire Cahow (left) from Evergree, CO and Stacey Hudjera of Littleton, CO soak up some post-lunch rays. Ladies, ladies, ladies! Ever heard of melanoma?

    When you come from Westland, Michigan and Lexington, Kentucky, you have an excuse to get in every sunny opportunity! Wendy Hale (left) and Jessica Justen catch a few in between lectures.

    "C'mon campers! Get your swim gear in the truck and get your bikes out on the sidewalk. Line it up Hell's Angel's style!" Paula Newby-Fraser and Spencer Smith ham it up before taking their group out for an easy ride.

    The face says it all - Andrew Burton awaits his morning ride fate with a nervous smile. "Do I have to go with Mike Pigg's group?"

    "You mean we're riding to Starbucks?!" Carlos Legaspy (left) from down the road in La Jolla and Lisa Ramshaw from Toronto (eh?) are all smiles before joining their group for the morning ride.

    "As you approach the hill, make sure you choose the appropriate gear . . ." Cycling legend, John Howard, teaches the finer points of climbing to a rapt group of campers.

    "Kathy, don't look at the camera, get ready for your hot-stop!" Kathy Losos from Tulsa, OK practices her riding skills under the watchful eye of John Howard and the rest of the staff.


    Mrs. T's Winter Camp #1 Arrives, Campers See the Sun

    Day one of a Mrs. T's Winter Camp is filled with bike fitting with John Howard, Roch Frey, Paul Huddle, and the new wizard on the block, Christopher Kautz and then getting your running video taped for analysis with the "guru of gallop", Danny Abshire. While 30 triathletes of all abilities arrive from every part the country and globe, the mechanics at B&L Bike and Sport are hard at work putting their bikes together and getting everyone set up for the coming four days of swim, bike, and run fun!

    To the untrained eye, Day 1 looks like organized chaos as campers arrive in the lobby of the Courtyard by Marriott in Solana Beach, which will be their home for the next five days and four nights. Former camper turned professional, Jessi Stensland and her Brazilian sidekick, Juliano Teruel get arrivals registered and fully loaded down with camp schwag.

    Triathlete Magazine publisher, John Duke (a.k.a. "The Devil") arrives at noon on his bike to take those who've completed their bike fits and video taping for an easy hour and a half up the Pacific Coast Highway. Olympic gold medallist, Steve Hegg will do the same at 3pm while those who can't end the day without a run will wait for 4pm when the ironwomen show up for an easy jog. Imagine Heather Fuhr, Lori Bowden, and Paula Newby-Fraser waiting in the lobby for you to go for an easy half hour!

    By the end of the day, 30-campers are set up on their bikes, have had their running video taped, and are already getting a bit pink around the edges. Six p.m. is dinnertime and Ki's Restaurant caters the first of many sumptuous meals. While those on East Coast time are beginning to fade, everyone is ordered up to the Solana Room for introductions and the first lecture by John Howard and Chris Kautz on cycling and bike fitting . . . and that's just the first day!!!