• Got training/racing questions?
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  • Got Structure?
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  • Early Season Training Tips...

    The season is coming upon us soon, and as your volume and intensity of training begins to increase, be sure that you are continually taking care of yourself.

    Here are few tips for you to keep in mind:

    1. Get a good nightís sleep. Donít let your sleeping time become less just because you have to run or ride longer the next day.

    2. Stretch...warm up easy, stop and stretch, do your workout, and finish with some more stretching. Shorten the workout by a few minutes if you must to get some time to stretch.

    3. Keep yourself hydrated, not just when in training, but all day long.

    4. Set your priorities...donít let training run (or ruin) your life (career, family, etc.).

    5. Keep it fun! You want to stay with the sport for a long time? Have fun in your workouts and your racing.