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  •'s Newest Champion....Dylan's First Steps!!!

    Mascot Airlie appropriately congratulates Dylan!

    Unknown hands vie to win in the Zipp Wheel Giveaway


    Newest Athlete Signs! Zipp Sweepstakes Winner Sought. Seal Mask Winners Announced.. is currently in tough negotiations with sports agent to the triathlon stars, Murphy Reinschreiber and his wife Shannon Delaney, to sign their one year old son Dylan Delaney on as a athlete.

    Pictured here is Dylan making his first steps on his own, under the coaching eye and tongue of's Mascot, Airlie. Though mother and father of the potential Olympian were unavailable for comment because negotiations are not complete, un unnamed source claims seeing Partner and Coach Paul Huddle holding Dylan up in the air at a local mexican eatery last Wednesday evening, supposedly working on swim stroke technique. Though there have been no reports of any coaches working with Dylan on his cycling technique, legend and Head Cycling Coach John Howard was seen loading a tricycle into a vintage Porsche Boxster convertible at a garage sale last weekend.

    In other news, Congratulations to Beth Edwards of Kent, CT and Jonathan Toker of San Diego, CA. Beth and Jonathan were chosen as winners in the Seal Mask Giveaway for March. Two winners will be chosen each month. You may register at Next month's drawing will be held on or around May 1st, and winners will be posted on this news page by May 15th.

    As for the Zipp Wheel Sweepstakes Giveaway....a winner has been chosen, but the name is being kept secret at this time until the winner can be reached. If the winner is not reached by April 15, a new winner will be chosen and his or her name posted this news page. Sorry, no more entries are being accepted for the Zipp Wheel Sweepstakes(unless we go through the entire list of existing entries without finding a winner, and honestly, I don't think that's likely to happen)!

    The season is upon us....happy training!