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  • Huddle eyes the lead in 2001 coaches challenge.

    Okay, lets cut to chase - we really do care about all our clients and making sure you'all have the best races possible is the primary concern, around here. However in the ever whining complaints of never having enough much time, there seems to be a fair amount of seceret pro training going on.

    Here are the players - Roch Frey, Paul Huddle, Heather Fuhr and myself (Newby). The events are arbitrarily the various ones in and around California that we constantly profess we are doing for nothing but the fun of it. You all know better. Let me be clear about one thing. It is every man/woman for themselves - there is absolutely no family loyalty in this quest to rule our little 'universe'.

    So here's how things are looking at the end of the first quarter of 2001. The Desert Sprint triathlon on April 8th featured a match between Huddle and myself. (I was carrying a pretty good streak going into it against him). However the 'I haven't run all week' sandbagger Huddle beat me very solidly by a minute and a half (with no aero bars on his bike to boot).

    Next up was the Big Rock Triathlon on April 22nd at Lake Perris. This one featured the match up between Roch (the super duper secret pro trainer) and myself. Huddle claimed he HAD to help with the race organisation. Personally I think having to go three times as long as his big sprint victory was a little intimidating. This was one for the books, especially since Roch and I got to go off in the same wave - so we are talking head to head competition. Fast forward to the run and there was Roch and myself running together from about mile 4 onwards. For a while there I was lulled into the 'fun and camraderie' thing, and had visions of 1998 when we raced together in the MSOQ adventure race. Team thing and all. Luckily as the finnish appeared I got over my sentimentality and got those 3 or 4 seconds that would give me the needed first place points.

    Okay - at this point I am most certainly leading the points race (a first and a second). However coming up this weekend at the 2001 Wildflower triathlon we have the epic duel. No not the one that features Chris Legh, Peter Reid, Mike Pigg, Craig Walton, Jurgen Zack and Cameron Widoff. You know - Huddle versus Fuhr. This one will be a biggie. Huddle has even decided that he is going to put some aero clip-ons on his bike - a first in a couple of years here.

    I must say this should be quite a battle. Both of these two with a blistering run leg to settle things in the last part of the race. Heather certainly looks ready, but this is her first outing in some months. Huddle may have been cramming in too much in a final weekend of training desperation, but he has tasted the thrill of victory, and judging from the laundry I have had to do - he rather likes it. Not to mention the shot at being atop the points leaderboard. In the final prediction I would have to say - Heather is far better prepared BUT Huddle is going to be a force to be reckoned with - on the downhills anyway!!!

    Stay tuned for the results!