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  • Kathy Kasischke, pictured here at the 1999 St. George Marathon, wins the 2001 La Jolla Half Marathon


    Left your gear back at the car? Maybe thatís the ticket to a great performance!

    The coaching staff of Mrs. Tís would like to congratulate Kathy Kasischke of San Diego on her win at the 2001 La Jolla Half-Marathon on Sunday, April 29, 2001 in 1:21.12.

    Almost missing the start because she had left her race shoes with her timing chip attached in the car, Kathyís husband Dennis was undeterred. Dennis had dropped Kathy off to go and park the car, and by the time Kathy found him again, it was only 11 minutes prior to the start of the race. Dennis, without pause, ran the Ĺ mile back to their car to get Kathyís gear (that earned +5 husbanding points for Dennis). "I finally got them at the closing notes to the Start Spangled Banner. Then, I took off waaaay to fast, running the first 3 miles at 5:50 pace, instead of the planned 6:10 pace," Kathy said. Incidentally, Dennis ended up fourth in his age group with a time of 1:33.37.

    "I thought I was really screwing up my race, but I took the lead before the first mile mark and continued to pull ahead. Dennis thinks it was all in the adrenaline from being so worked up at the start."

    Nonetheless, Kathyís winning performance also posted her best half-marathon time (1:21.12). "The run was a BIG PR for me. The last time I ran a half-marathon I ran 1:26 on the San Diego course," Kathy said (note: the San Diego course is a much flatter course than the La Jolla Half course).

    The La Jolla Half-Marathon starts in the parking lot at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and Race Track, and after about a 1/3 mile flat sections climbs up Via de la Valle towards the Coast Highway. Then the course proceeds south on Coast Highway, turning off to go through a residential area of Del Mar, before popping back out onto the Coast Highway and proceeding down across a bridge that overlooks Torrey Pines State Beach. Between mile 5 and the finish, a difficult climb through Torrey Pines and pounding descent into La Jolla lay ahead of runners before a short downhill/over the cobblestones finish in the park overlooking La Jolla Cove. It is definitely not an easy course.

    Kathy also raced her first Olympic distance triathlon race one week prior to the La Jolla Half Marathon. Using the day as a training day and to get some added experience practicing transitions and triathlon racing, Kathy ended up 2nd in her age group and 15th overall at a race in Rocky Point in Mexico. "My swim was a bit slow. Dennis grabbed the wrong wetsuit when we were packing the car and it ended up being his old one which was kind of baggy" (thatís -4 husbanding points for Dennis).

    Congratulations Kathy!

    Coaches note: Weíre not really sure that waiting until 10 minutes before the start of your race to get your gear together is the best solution, but if you can keep your mind occupied before the race itself (in Kathyís case, being preoccupied with just making it to the starting line), youíd be surprised how well you may do.

    And Dennis, donít our count, you netted +1 husbanding points for the two weekends.