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  • What a weekend of racing in Southern California!

    Here is a preliminary update, that I am sure you have all been eagerly awaiting. The call from the crew up in Wildflower just came in! It seems that in the professional race it was a year for the rookies. Chris McCormack and Barb Lindquist both stole victory from a very experienced field. It was a true Aussie sweep on the mens side with McComack in a very fast time around the 4 hour mark, with Craig Walton in second and defending champion Chris Legh in third. The only other results reported up to this point were, Chuckie V, in 5th, Wes Hobson in 6th, and Mike Pigg in 7th. A dissapointing day for other favorites Peter Reid (who DNF'd suffering from a prior illness), and Jurgen Zack who just finished out the day.

    On the womens side Barb got off to a great lead, and was biked down by ever improving Becky Gibbs, and then rallied to a strong run finish. Third place went to Gina Kehr with Heather Fuhr closing fast for 4th.

    However - in the race that really counts, Heather very solidly beat supercoach Huddle by a whomping 6 minutes or so. Huddle was not sure if it was the fact that he went out and ran the course Thursday afternoon with Roch (you know - the same stuff he makes you all do less than 48 hours before a race, or the 4 beers he drank that night for rehydration!). Anyway you slice this one - he should try and follow a a few basic rules he dishes out to the rest of us!!! Duh!!!

    So for all the athletes using this race as a tune up for Ironman California - Craig Walton, Chris Legh, Heather - things are looking pretty good.

    Not be be completely left out - I went out and did the Spring Sprint Tri here in Mission Bay. It was more of a glorified transition workout -400m swim, 9 mile bike, 3 mile run. I was very firmly told that even the effort of getting up and doing it would not warrant me any extra credit in the points race. I don't really care - I got to wake up in my own bed - go do a race, attend the awards, come home and have a shower, snack and a short nap before they were finished up there in Wildflower. Now that's racing!

    So here are how things stand. Paul and myself stand tied atop the leader board, with Heather booting Roch down to last place.

    Stay tuned for more details and photos of the action up North when they get home from their 6 hour drive home!