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  • Hopefully these guys have better control of the IM California bike course than the Multisports camera - what do you think?


    Ironman California takes center stage!

    First off I have to apologise for the absence of the long awaited photos from Wildflower. I was eagerly awaiting those stare down pics of Huddle and Heather, along with all the other cavorting that was going on in the Multisports trailer up there with Roch, Heather, Greg & Sian Welch and Huddle in residence. HOWEVER - as the story has it from our chief Multisport coaches, they lost the camera (along with all the magnificent pics) sometime during/after their seminar. So apparently whilst they were on stage dispensing their wisdom it did a Harry Potter and disappeared. So no pics to back up all the big talk.

    Anyway, lets move on. Our guys have much more important duties to attend to. I along with the other thousand or so athletes competing in next week's Ironman California hope that they, as the bike course co-ordinators, have better control out there than they had of their camera. Seriously though they are certainly putting in their time up at the base with the Marines to ensure that all goes smoothly on race day. In addition Huddle will be resuming duties with the Ironmanlive team. Look for his pre-race predictions on the web site prior to race day, and his race updates all day long on May 19th. Teaming up with long time friend and ass around partner Greg 'plucky' Welch should make for a great day of reporting. Thank goodness Multisports CEO Ryan Chapman will also be out, making sure things are running smoothly.

    On the other side of the course - Heather and myself will be out there racing , and most importantly putting valuable points on the board in our competition with the guys. Wade Blomgren, another of our coaches will also be racing, although he has declined to be part of the coaching challenge. Trust me - by about 90 miles into the bike ride, I know I am going to be wishing I had volunteered to get up at O dark 30 and lay out cones. Nonetheless the energy level around the area is starting to pick-up and ironman fever is hitting town.

    Racing or not - let me assure you I have my own camera, so you will not have to worry about getting, not only plenty of updates as we roll toward race day - BUT there will be photographic evidence to support it.

    Train smart, eat well and be good to yourselves!