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  • All looks quiet today - Tomorrow: Stake your place in line

    Mike Riley (the voice of Ironman), Graeme Fraser and race director Buzz Mills sharing the last relaxed moments.

    Roch Frey stressing about the bike course marking - at least he doesn't have to ride it!


    Ironman day for the guys behind the scenes!

    There were no big sightings or tabloid events going on in Camp Pendelton today. It was all just hard work for the folks that make the event go. The Athlete Village was completed, and all the vendors and expo people were setting up shop.

    Our multisports multitaskers Roch and Paul put in a very full day. Paul taught the 6.00am turbo workout at B&L. Roch coached the 7.00am swim workout at Carmel Valley. Then it was up to Camp Pendelton where they very patiently marked the bike course, painting as many possible 'hazards' as they could and making sure that earthquake ridden cracks had not expanded to much. I understand a big day of sweeping is scheduled for tomorrow.

    This afternoon it was time for Huddle and Greg Welch to head out and do some Ironmanlive work. They spent the day filming the course segments for the Course Explorer section to be found on the website.

    There was a distinct absence of pro athletes wandering around. It was a day to hang low and get things organised. I know I hit the market and stocked up on all my favorite carbo load treats for the next couple of days. A little massage and a manicure was also the order of the day. Heather spend some serious bonding time with Cletus and Nadine (they are the new feline additions to the Fuhr/Frey household).

    Tomorrow is a whole different story. The professional athletes have their press conference at 11.00am and there will appearences all over the Village during the course of the day. Many sightings to report tomorrow.

    The weather status at this point is very interesting. In Southern California (you know the place where it never rains) - there is a high pressure moving up the coast threatening to give us some showers on Saturday. It figures! Oh well - at least the water temperature has gone up - 65 degrees I am told. Now I will only have to wear three swim caps!

    Till tomorrow!