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  • Dave Scott inducted into the Road Runner Sport's Run of Fame.

    All the media and hoopla this past week was centered around the second running of the Ironman California. However another notable triathlon icon was here in San Diego to be honored by Road Runner Sports. Dave Scott had his shoe prints cemented along side the greats like Steve Scott, Frank Shorter, Steve Jones and others at the Sports Run of Fame, in Kearney Mesa, the headquarters for Road Runner Sports.

    Whilst he was in town Dave spoke to the San Diego Triathlon Club. Of greatest interest of course was his return to Kona this year, where he will be doing his first Ironman in 5 years. He spoke about the most difficult part being a chronic foot problem which has plagued him for many years, and prevented him from running for eight months. "When I wake up in the morning, I feel like I am 87 instead of 47."

    In his very matter of fact humor, Dave says his motto now is "mind over middle age."

    "One thing I've never lost is the mental tenacity of Ironman and the knowledge of what it takes. I know I can get there, I can still push that button and go as hard as I can. What my physical limitations are, I don't know."

    Dave has no interest in competeing in his age group division. He wants to get out there and go head to head with athletes young enough to be his children - AND he wants to beat them.

    In his last Ironman five years ago, Dave ran a remarkable 2.45 marathon - and this is what he really wants to replicate again this year. To do this he has made some adjustments to his training. He is restricting his high volume training down to 3-6 weeks, running predominantly on soft surfaces, stretching and doing a lot of strength training.

    For all his competitiveness, Dave has one overall goal in mind. "Like I tell people, its all about being healthy. I like just getting as fit as I can and seeing where it takes me."

    I know we can't wait to see ourselves!