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  • Huddle doing a good job - keeping tabs on long time athlete Julie Kling!


    Kling's Keahou Jornal - Part 1

    Julie Kling, a long time multisport athlete is over in Kona this week to do the Keahou Half Ironman. She is one of the lucky ones that got a prized lottery spot for the big dance in October, so she elected to get out of New York City and validate her spot over in Kona. Since she has no pressure other than getting herself across the finish line, she obliged me and said she would keep a brief journal of her trip. That way I don't can put my feet up this week instead of scouring Southern California for the latest news! So here it is in her own words:


    Arrival Day:
    Well, let me tell you about my first 2 hours here. I went to make an
    Appointment for a massage with Sherry--our favorite Hawaii massage therapist. I called on the phone and of course the first thing I asked about was the baby (she had been expecting when I was over there last October for the Ironman) And then she told me she had lost the baby. I felt so horrible. I will see her tomorrow at 2:30. She is
    ooking forward to seeing me and of course says hello to you (Paula).

    Then I went to the Grocery store because the Health Food store moved and I don't know where it went. Then I thought I would stop by Lava Java on the way back and it is no longer in business. My god what will Jurgen do. Also the traffic is crazy. It's as bad or even
    worse than Ironman Week.

    My flight from LA to Kona was packed--every seat taken. And then
    one hour in the Dollar rental car line. I got a complimentary upgrade to a minivan though. Everyone is out training. I don't know why I thought I would be the only one here. All is well. I am getting tired which is good. I want to get a good
    nite's sleep.

    Day 2:

    Well, today was a very quiet, successful day. I got up early to ride and run and then I hung out at the pool for a while. It was a total pleasure. Paul called me to check in and I told him I am fine. Alan (my husband) is fine, and the kids are fine back home in New York. Everyone is fine.

    I am waiting for local superstar Brent Immonen's arrival. I found
    the health food store. It was right where it was supposed to be. I was in the wrong place yesterday.

    I found out what happend to Lava Java. A few weeks after Ironman there was a huge storm here and the tall tree in front of the store feel right on it with a crowd inside. Believe it or not no one was hurt. But, Lava Java and the five stores behind it were ruined. Apparently there is a problem with the insurance paying for rebuilding and the owner has to sue the county because the tree was infested with termites and the insurance says it's the fault of the county. It's a big mess apparently.

    That's about it. It has been a nice quiet day and I am enjoying myself. Nothing to report really. I haven't seen anyone I know. I did see the age group list and there are about 69 women in the age group (35-39). Can you believe it. This has always been such a small race.