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  • Julie on the phone getting the Yankee update from son, Max!


    Kling's Keahou Journal - Part 2

    Day 3

    I had a super sleep last night and got up feeling chipper and ready to go. I got out on my bike to spin a little. I went to B&L yesterday and moved my seat forward just a tad.(Got to make those last minute changes, we are always told NOT to do before a race) I was too scared to do it myself so the super mechanics at B&L moved it forward just 1 cm. I feel better on my bike-at least I think I do.

    I made it down to the swim start at Kailua pier this morning. The water is very clear and warm. As usual there was an undertoe and I felt like I wasn't moving while swimming-I mean moving forward which is where I want to go. Lots of athletes got into the water today. Still no sign of Brent Imonen. It's like Where's Waldo. He's
    here I just know it.

    I am going to go out for a light jog and then it's off to the pool for some necessary tanning. Everything is holding up well including my pedicure. I tried a new Chanel polish which is great. I got to pick from the new summer 2001 colors which are not in the stores yet. They are outstanding. Chanel now has Black which is my favorite. But, I digress.

    I will chat with you later. I am staying hydrated and happy.

    Day 4

    Well, it's the day before the race and for everyone who was concerned-Brent Imonen has emerged.

    It was a very quiet day. All the training and preparation is done. The only thing left was registration and the pre race meeting. This year the swim course is in Kailua Bay instead of Keauhou Bay. The reasons given were that it is a bigger bay and a safer bay. And this is good because this is the largest field ever for the Keauhou Kona Half Ironman.

    We will start in waist deep water and head out to a turn around boat and then follow the buoys home. But, there is a big difference between this swim and the Ironman swim other than the fact that this is half the distance. Normally, in the Ironman race we go around the turn around boat and follow the buoys home and exit onto the pier. In this race we exit on the other side of the pier onto the beach. In order to do this we must swim thru a narrow channel to avoid the reef. This channel is a NO PASS SWIM ZONE. When we enter the narrow channel designated by two buoys we must swim single file. Ironically, no one said a word. I think everyone wanted to finish the meeting and get to bed. It should be interesting. We were told that if we pass in the no pass zone we will receive a penalty. If you are next to someone and they are just a nose ahead of you--you must drop back. Anyway,
    it should make for an interesting swim. Once out of the water we run on the beach through a chute to the showers and into the changing tents. Then it's onto the bikes and off to the Queen K highway where heat and wind await.

    I ran into Whitney Lynn at registration and he looks well and ready to go.

    Everyone is well at home and I am happy to report that my son Max informed me that the Yankees won and that Roger "the rocket" Clemens is now #5 on the all time strike out list.

    Speak to you after the race.