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  • Kling's Keahou Journal -Part 3

    Thanks to some quick reporting from Julie over in Kona - here is a sum up - in her own words, of course - of the Keahou Half Ironman.

    The 19th Keauhou Kona Triathlon is done. The overall Male winners are:
    1.Chad Hawker in 4:04
    2.Brent Imonen in 4:10
    3.Gordo Byrn 4:12

    The overall Female winners are:
    1.Michelle Gwozdo in 4:30
    2.Susan Burr in 4:37
    3.Mennifer McTigue in 4:37

    I have some excluve post-race comments from local superstar and sometime San Diego resident Brent Imonen. Brent feels the swim was faster and better because the water is calmer than in Keauhou Bay and the sun wasn't streaming into your eyes after the turn-around buoy. He also feels that making the course longer on the Queen K due to the swim at the pier makes the bike much windier. Now, instead of the bike turn-around at Waikoloa resort it goes past  to Waikoloa Village road. This is an incredibly windy part of the course. I,to, can say that this is true.  But, the most important of Brent's observations is that Keauhou lacks the imagination of the Ironman race because Huddle isn't running around in his underwear. So, there you have it folks. Exclusive comments from Brent himself.

    Also of note--Brent was second out of the water, but first out of transition and led the race till mile 12 on the bike!!!!! Brent and I both need to work on our cycling.

    I had a super swim and all was going great until I got a flat tire. It took a while to get the tire off the wheel.. I was out of it after that. It took me a while to get rolling again. But, the run went well. So all in all not a bad day here in Hawaii.

    One other thing. As far as running in and out of the pit in Ironman- I will be very honest with you. I won't miss it!!!!! So, for anyone who hasn't had the experience or anyone who is sad to see the pit go-Keauhou is your race. It's a great opportunity to be on the famous course out in the lava fields.

    Other noteworthy information-- The three Kling children, Jeffrey, Max and Chloe went to the movies this weekend. They give The Mummy Returns three thumbs down, but they give Shrek three very enthusiastic thumbs up.

    Over and out.

    Note: Julie has promised us that on her return to New York she will keep us posted with all the pertinent news from the Big Apple. You know the kind of stuff we have no hope of seeing here in Southern California - like when Jerry Seinfeld is out walking the baby, and what bike Madonna was riding around Central Park. Not to mention when Chanel plans on launching it's Fall collection!