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  • Roch and Heather lounging by the pool.

    Heather's new hair doo.

    Nadine and Cleatus happy to have Heather and Roch home.


    Taking time to stop and smell the roses

    After what ended up being a very disappointing Ironman California race for myself, Roch and I (Heather) decided that we needed to get away and have a vacation to put everything into perspective. We so often get caught up in our everyday life that we forget how fortunate we are. This is why every so often it is great to get away and realize that it is pretty incredible that we are able to do what we do and make a living at a sport that we love.

    With this being said, we hopped on a plane for the quick 2 hour flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for 5 days of basking in the sun and drinking margaritas by the pool. The basic decisions for the day consisted of what time we should head up to the buffet breakfast, what area of the pool/ beach we should put our towels, and how many and what kind of drinks to order. It is amazing how after a couple of days, it really does seem like these are big decisions.

    We spent most of the trip sitting under an umbrella by the pool, reading our books. I was great to not have to worry about anything and truly recharge the batteries. One of the big highlights was Roch’s laying down the gauntlet and stating that if I got one of the ladies on the beach to braid my hair that he would then shave his head. Never one to turn down a challenge, I was off chasing the lady down the beach, to get my hair braided. I figured what have I got to lose, the braids can be taken out whenever I want; much less permanent than Roch shaving his head. So basically I held up my end of the bargain but my lovely husband has chickened out and I don’t believe we will see Roch walking around with a #2 buzz cut anytime soon.

    Well, the trip was just what the doctor ordered and after 5 days of R&R, we were revitalized both mentally and physically. We had done what everyone needs to do, we took the much needed time to stop and smell the roses, and guess what, they smell great!!!! Now it is back to reality and to the normal routine, which we wouldn’t change for the world.