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  •, Ironman California Finishers and Qualifiers

    As the sore and tired legs from Ironman California start to disappear, we here at would like to congratulate ALL of the athletes who participated in our training programs for the event (some even qualified for Hawaii!!). The race featured a very fast swim, a challenging bike course, and a wearing run along the beautiful Southern California coast. While Roch and Paul were recovering from many sleepless nights of effort put into the bike course, and Ryan was busy with his “troops” at the bike special needs station, Nicole Parish and I (Al, The Intern) were busily cheering on all of the participants that crossed our path during the day. We witnessed many of these athletes on the course, and at the promised land of the finishing area. Congratulations to all of these athletes, for it was not the strength or stamina to finish the race that is so special, it was the desire to set a goal so high and give 100% towards that goal that sets them apart in this world.


    Chris Williams MT 1/42 M 18-24 9:40:53

    Carlos Sandoval Mexico 2/195 M 25-29 9:27:15

    Joe Foster CA 2/225 M 40-44 9:46:52
    Brad Moore IL 7/225 M 40-44 9:55:46
    John Conlon TN 10/225 M 40-44 9:58:43

    Allie Lawler NE 3/91 F 30-34 10:26:58


    Noushi Barmaki USA F 40-44 16:42:24
    Eddie Bray CA M 35-39 15:04:23
    Roger Brazil CA M 30-34 10:47:42
    Rich Ducote GA M 25-29 12:09:26
    Annie Fisher MA F 25-29 12:25:45
    John Fleming CA M 35-39 11:57:28
    Bill Gerber CA M 40-44 12:31:51
    Matthew Hill TN M 35-39 12:33:03
    John Jeha CA M 40-44 11:20:58
    Bridget Kaluzny CA F 30-34 13:00:45
    Mary Kunkel AZ F 35-39 11:57:40
    J. Paul Martin IL M 30-34 12:37:51
    Matt McCutchen CA M 30-34 11:22:30
    Alejandro Rodriguez Mexico M 35-39 12:15:57
    Alicia Scudi CA F 25-29 12:07:58
    Edward Toole MA M 40-44 10:13:06
    Brian Wing CA M 30-34 12:12:52
    Dave Guzik WI M 30-34 10:09:18
    Jay Prasuhn CA M 25-29 13:10:57
    Dr. Monique West WA F 30-34 13:55:58
    Mark Jean CA M 40-44 15:34:40
    Randy Hill CA M 40-44 13:29:17
    Douglas Johnson IL M 50-54 14:11:09
    Roger Martin CA M 30-34 10:57:40
    Pat Connor CA M 40-44 12:25:44
    Lee Griffin CA M 45-49 17:40:00

    * If your name is missing from this list, please email us at with your results. We apologize for any omissions.