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  • Multisports CEO, Ryan Chapman keeps a very tight handle on things in and out the office.

    Nicole 'Rubber Woman' - our resident yoga teacher, keeps the testosterone levels in check around the office.

    Our newest intern Al, (the human ladder). Need coffee or dry cleaning pickup - he the one!

    Huddle is doing his part in the big California energy crisis - leave that gas guzzler at home!

    Roch and his cat Cletus after a week of vacationing in Mexico.


    Who keeps the wheel turning.

    The offices are located in the surfside town of Solana Beach. Yes - just a short jog from a few of North County's favorite surf spots. This past month has seen the the rather cramped offices of the past year, expand both in square footage and personnel. I thought it would be a good idea to give a brief run down of who and what goes on in the corporate headquarters - so you all, don't think that the only thing that goes on is Roch and Paul running around the countryside in their underwear.

    First up is the man who keeps the whole operation moving - Ryan. He keeps us ALL in line, and gainfully employed. Should we ever think that we are to 'important' to put in our time - down the pipe comes some task that slams our feet right back into the pavement. Case in point - right after the Ironman California I was instructed to write an entire manual of step by step procedures to ensure the smooth running of our camps/clinics. Just what I wanted to do as I basked in the afterglow and praise of a good race!

    Nicole, the lone woman in the office keeps some measure of ying/yang balance. As a part time yoga teacher, she is called upon to jump up and contort herself to get products and items stacked high up on the shelving. That and her big ball that she uses in place of a regular chair always make for an interesting sight if you happen to walk into the office at the oppurtune moment. With our recent move into the adjoining space, she will be starting some on premises stretching classes for the very unlimber, local crowd.

    Our most recent addition to the office is 6"5 (?), Al. We just refer to him as the human ladder. For all but the ceiling level shelves, he can just reach up and retrieve anything. Al, a former camper has just moved out to Southern California from New Mexico, and is still in that 'keen' mode. He thinks that any task coming his way is a Nobel prize projest.

    Then there's Roch and Huddle. What can I say about them. One of their greatest accomplishments this past twelve months is that they have finally learned to 'blow off' Scott Tinley. The daily drop-in's and calls by Scott to go out and 'play' are met with indulgent and "maybe tomorrow' comments. Could it be that they are finally maturing, or is it the hard stares coming from Ryan's desk!

    This past couple of weeks have seen the move of the Multipsort turbo classes from B&L Bike and Sport, to our new space. There are three classes a week, and more to come. These along with a Wednesday swim workout and a couple of impendimg run workouts, is seeing the very quick growth of a North County Tri group.

    Yes - it all seems like fun and games (and that's all it would be if Tinley had any say). But actually there are a lot of hours and a wide variety of things getting done - starting with a 6.00am turbo workout and transition run a couple of mornings a week - all the way to the midnight candle that gets burned all to often. We wouldn't trade it for anything!

    Safe training!

    PS: Yes Roch and the cat are on a crash diet!