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  • Rubbing shoulders with running greatness - Steve Jones former marathon world record holder. Hope some of that speed rubs off!

    The man with many hats - John Duke. Reebok consultant, Publisher of Triathlete magazine & partner. Still trying to figure out which role he is fufilling here?

    Dave Jewell, "THE" man in charge of Roadrunner Sports shoe division, and former duathlon standout Paul Thomas, doing their thing at the Rock 'n Roll Expo.

    Multisport athlete JT CLough gets ready to go to Korea for one of those elusive Ironman spots.


    A break from tri's, but still lots going on in San Diego.

    Down here in the San Diego county we have a rare weekend with no triathlon activity. But, nonetheless there is still plenty going on. This weekend is the Suzuki Rock 'n Roll marathon, which has in 4 years grown to become the 9th largest marathon in the world. The race expo is being held at the downtown Convention center - the same place the Repulican convention was held. Worked for George W. This year the field for the marathon has attracted three-time Boston marathon winner Fatuma Roba and two time New York City champion John Kagwe. Strolling around the immense expo today - there were plenty of familiar faces, and multisport athletes taking up the challenge of running a marathon. The most notable absences from this years marathon are Roch Frey, Bob Babbitt and Kenny Souza who are the core of the running Elvis' division.

    Both Roch and Bob have opted to travel to Bonnelli park (just north of Los Angeles) for the sprint triathlon there. Most importantly is the fact that Heather is going along, which sets up our first head to head duel between her and Roch. I am betting that Bob gets beat by both of them!

    In addition to the marathon is the annual Bay to Bay 20mile paddling race. Paul Huddle will not be going out to defend his single ski title this year.

    Lest we let the Ironman thing get to far from mind - local multisport athlete JT Clough is heading out to Korea on Sunday to race the second Ironman Asia, next weekend. She is going armed with 'fabiolo' new digital camera and laptop, and has promised to keep us posted.

    The key triathlon action this weekend is going on in Lake Placid, where the US age-group team is being chosen by racing a duathlon - can't wait for the local stories to come back from that one! Bet there are just a few bitter folks who are cursing all those early morning swim practices they dragged themselves to. Also the pro qualifier in Shreveport is a key event. We are all pulling for our local gal Jessi Stensland.

    So with a real mixed bag set to play out this weekend - I will keep you posted!

    Train safe!