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  • Roch and Sean Rogers acting tough after the big victory

    Heather and Karen Oppenheimer post race


    Race Update - Bonelli Park

    With big points on the line, Roch and I headed up to Bonelli Park for the 3rd and final race in the LA Triathlon Series. Roch was hoping to move up the leader board with a strong showing. As much as I hate to admit it, Roch beat me solidly (by at least a couple of mins). This gives him some valuable points in the coach’s challenge. Huddle however thinks that Roch should get bonus points because he was also first woman, but I think that I should get these bonus points because really I was 1st women.

    While we were battling it out in the coach’s challenge, athletes Sean and Karen were using this race as some spadework for their Ironman Germany prep. Or this is what they say anyway; I think it is really the battle of the household. I must say that Karen redeemed the women here as she beat Sean who unfortunately flatted on the bike ride and therefore did not do the entire course but got a great workout in anyway. They both seem to be right on track with their IM Germany preparation.

    Here is where we all currently stand in the Coaches Challenge - YOU DECIDE WHO IS IN THE LEAD!!!!!

    1st Palm Desert Tri
    2nd Wildflower

    2nd Palm Desert Tri
    1st Big Rock
    1st IM California

    2nd Big Rock
    1st Bonelli Park

    1st Wildflower
    2nd Bonelli Park