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  • Ryan, Roch and Paul doing a Chippendale before plunging in!

    We didn't say the water wasn't cold. Why is Roch standing like that?

    Shelly Bremblett (race director for IM Florida) and Sue Fraser (wife of Graeme Fraser, director of IM North America), were a couple of keen campers.


    What cold water?

    Sunny skies and 35 very keen campers, mark the start of our Lake Placid Ironman camp.

    After a bit of a hairy trip from San Diego, that started with smoke
    in the airplane cabin, and a return to the airport - Roch, Huddle, Ryan and myself finally made it to Lake Placid for our second annual Ironman camp. It had sold out a while ago with most athletes predominantly from the North East areas. Much to my changrin as we drove in from Albany I found out that there were all sorts of activities going on in town that necessitated us staying, and running the camp from the Econo Lodge about a mile outside of town. Not my idea of great accomodations for a weekend camp. However as it turns out the staff have been fantastic, and the location working well for our schedule. Not to mention the constant drunken party that has been going on with various firefighter groups getting together for the weekend. Certainly a shock to me - back on the East coast every firefighter I know is almost a pro athlete, with positions hard to secure in that job field. Out here it seems that they are pro partyers!

    With all the hoo ha last weekend here at the US amateur championships, and the water temp- swim, no swim, short swim and all the controversy that went on - our boys Roch, Paul and Ryan set out first thing on Fri morning to prove that water temp should be no issue in making a US team. With myself looking on they all very gamely dived into the lake - no wetsuits - to prove that USAT had been making a big deal out of a little cold water. Thats it - our campers would be going in, no excuses!

    Saturday dawned even sunnier than the day before, and the campers keen level had not diminished in the least. Bright and early we saddled up for our ride around the course. Everyone was out for at least 4 hours, with the truly keen finishing up a full two loops. Speaking for myself, who had a group that wanted to do at least 90 miles, it was quite a challenge just 3 weeks after doing the Ironman California. Bike ride over - a transition run of least 6 miles was requested. No rest for the weary.

    With open water swimming scheduled later in the afternoon, evening lectures - this is truly an Ironman weekend for all concerned. Not to mention the long run set for early tomorrow morning. But hey, our campers are geeking hard - and myself and Huddle are very happily geeking over the Lakers 2nd round win in the playoffs.