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  • The amused firefighters look on as a camper rolls out to ride!

    Post run, with Gatorade and blood mary's to rehydrate!

    With camper Leslie. We were having a little regression to our former 'dancing days'.

    One big happy family. The fire fighters let us take over their pride and joy!


    Ironman Lake Placid concludes!

    The long training day on Saturday finished up with a mile swim in Mirror Lake, and then back for the their 'Going Mental lecture. Thats when the schedule became very tight. Dinner was up, with Roch urging everyone to hurry up, so that the evening Nutrition lecture could be concluded before the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. There was no lack of support from the big Canadian contingent. But at the end of the day it was a West Coast team that took Lord Stanleys cup home.

    If it is possible Sunday morning dawned even brighter and warmer than the previous two days. Everyone was moving a little slower from the 6-8 hour day before, but no less keen to tackle the run course. Graeme Fraser, a local in the Lake Placid area, sort of took over and planned our run loop. It was to incorporate most of the run course with the addition of some of the local trails - over hill and dale and golf courses as it turned out. One thing for sure is that the strategically parked sag wagon was a very welcome relief, particularly to the 'cold weather' Canadians. You would have thought we were out running in the midday desert heat.

    With the final long workout of the weekend wrapped up, the mood was very elevated. Many of the campers finally broke down and shared a bloody many with the visiting fire fighters. Yes - the party had been ongoing from our arrival on Thursday evening, and was still in full swing on Sunday morning. We may think we have endurance - but I have to tell you, these guys have it all on us! Honestly, they never shut it down all weekend. My major concern was what would happen if there was actually a fire anywhere, and who was driving all those trucks?? But the most impressive part of it all, was that that they were having as much if not more fun, boozing it up in the parking area, and corridors of the Econo Lodge, as I would at the Four Seasons in the Bahamas, over New Year.

    Camp concluded with the final lecture on tapering, and then the traditional awards handed out. All in all a resounding success. So next week it is on to Boulder, Colorado. Later this summer, hopefully our first Ironman Florida camp to be held on the course.

    Happy training!