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  • With our 'princess' at a graduation dinner. Don't worry she ditched us pretty quick to get to the real party!

    Huddle "the supervisor", and Morgan.

    With the people who really deserve the credit - mom (Danielle) and dad (Howard).

    How can you resist this one. With 15 year old brother Max.

    Wally Buckingham, local traithlon legend, helps Morgan with her graduation swag. It almost makes you want to go back to school.


    Morgan officially 'grows up'!

    In the North County of San Diego one of the hot beds of triathlon - Morgan Soule has 'grown up' under the watchful eyes of the community. She lives right around the corner from myself and Huddle. We have seen her go from the gawky, but always beautiful twelve year old, to Triathlete magazines favorite cover girl, and swim suit model. This is not to mention her resume of straight A's, and hugely successful athletic career to date.

    Way back when, Morgan attended one of the winter camps, when she was just thirteen years old. Triathlons had touched her heart and inspired her at a very young age. She went on to be a force in junior triathlon racing, as she moved through the age-groups. Last year she represented the United States at the World Championships in Australia. Somewhere in the middle of those years she (as all good Southern Californians do), fell in love with surfing. There was a sabbatical from racing triathlons, to shredding and tubing it, in the local surf competitions- where of course she shone.

    However Morgan's heart was never to far from multisports. As she went on to high school, it became very apparent that she was gifted with some impressive leg speed. As fortune would have it, legendary miler Steve Scott took the post as track and cross country coach at Morgan's high school. Under his watchful eye she focused her energy's toward running track, specializing in the 800m and mile. However all the way through these years she has maintained her close connection to triathlons, racing when track season ended. She was allowed to take triathlon as a PE elective during her last couple of years, under the supervision of Paul. (What were those school officials thinking).. She had even harbored thoughts of participating in this years California Ironman, until a foot injury sidelined her from running for some time. It was to be her last triathlon hurrah for a while, before putting all her focus to the track this summer. She had finally turned 18 and had the burning desire to do an Ironman. No worries - there will be plenty of time.

    Today, Morgan graduated from La Costa Canyon High School, and has her sights set East, where she will run track and cross country at Georgetown University. She was heavily recruited by many top universities including Duke, UCLA, Stanford - however it was the coach of Georgetowns very successful program who got her attention. Even with her impressive track times, it was her success in triathlons that made her so heavily recruited. Her exposure to competition, and in particular on the international stage played very highly with the respective coaches. That in addition to the 'assumed' work ethic associated with training and competing in triathlons was very desirable.

    As we spent some time with her on the evening of her graduation, it was a sheer pleasure to see our now very tall princess, so excited at the prospect of what lies ahead. She has grown up with many of the 'superstars' of this sport. However her feet have always been very firmly planted on the ground and she has never once, so much as bent under the scrutiny of so many extra 'parents'. No matter what greatness she may go on to achieve, we will always claim her as our little triathlon 'sister'- and of course take all the credit.

    We wish her a hearty congratulations on her graduation AND she has promised to keep us posted on her progress as we send her off with her new computer and camera, not to mention all the other swag she got.

    Go Soule!!!