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  • A-Rod, T. Gwynn and Barry Bonds off to batting practice - NOT!

    Heather is your typical sandbagger - she has quite a swing!

    The pre-camp gathering

    Who said Heather and I were dainty eaters - thanx Glen!


    Boulder, 2001 ready to go.

    After a long 15 hour drive from San Diego to Boulder – Paul and myself joined up with the rest of the staff in the fresh, but rather short on oxygen, mountain air. Roch, Heather, Slice, Ryan, Ric were already present in Colorado, with local superstars Tim De Boom , and Steve Jones residents of the area. We were getting ready for our annual ironman training camp.

    The day before saw a flurry of last minute activities to ensure everything was in place. The pool was reserved, the caterers understood that they were feeding abnormal appetites (not a polite group that would be gathered for a social event). Then it was time to squeeze in our ‘fun’ activities, before the full on triathlon focus for the next few days.

    Armed with a couple of baseball gloves (one A-Rod, one Greg Maddux brand), a basketball, we headed down to the parking lot for some practice. A few games of 21 – which saw Roch as the champ, and very close saves, as my pitching came a little to close to some a few car windows- we were on a roll.

    Glen Bohanon- former camper, and triathlon superstar from the Kansas City Tri Club (who was out to visit his two sons at college in Boulder), arrived with some very special Kansas ribs for our dinner. This was our last protein feast before the carb filled days ahead. As always we finally relented and had to admit that they had at least one good thing that came out of Kansas – because they certainly have no sports teams to really brag about.

    Then it was off to finish out the evening at our favorite recreational Boulder hangout. After all the pitching and catching practice - it was on to the batting cages. It was very quickly apparent why we do triathlons. Starting out in the softball cage, we were sort of OK (which means nothing more than the fact that there was occasional contact with the ball). Moving on to the baseball was another whole story. I personally made contact with 4 out of 36 balls that came my way in the super slow pitch cage (35mph). Heather fared a little better. But most entertaining was Roch, Paul, Ryan and Slice who headed up to the fast ball cage (80 plus mph). Only Slice and Ryan who had played back in high school and college had the occasional hit. But heavens knows – they had all the little moves down. That looking good adage counts for something I guess.

    Finally the evening was capped of with a couple goes around the go-cart track. With his gap turned backward, Roch was in full Nascar geek mode. All fun and games as a few very intense duels materialized. That was it for the evening. Today it is all about heart rates and the 56X11 again. We are all clear about where our talents DON’T lie, so I will happily head off to the pool.

    Happy camping ahead!