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  • Key swim workout bright and early!

    Slice getting a few low lights from the master Louis Licari (and assistant Mike).

    Slice, Roch and Huddle, our favorite hula girls emcee the awards.

    Tim and Nicole De Boom, keeping a low profile.

    Louis on the other side of the camera this time, for the NY Times!


    Boulder 2001 concludes – with everyone in one piece.

    The 2001 Boulder ironman camp wound down around mid morning Sunday. I can honestly say that glowing from the accumulated fatigue, we saw many rays of confidence, emanating from campers who had, had not much, just a few days ago. Geri, Joe, Denise, Louis, just to name a few – now realize that doing this ‘crazy’ triathlon thing is completely within their reach. In fact the whole Ironman mystique has been broken down into a very attainable goal.

    After the key bike and run days – campers crawled out of bed at O dark 30 – to be on the pool deck for their key swim Saturday morning. A solid 3000-4000meters workout of repeat 300’s made up the ‘meat’ of the session. Under the watchful eye of coach Roch – they were constantly reminded to keep a realistic pace – no meltdowns please!!!

    Then it was naptime, before a mid morning lecture. Superstar hair colorist Louis Licari, then very graciously took the time to consult and do a few quick ‘color’ repairs. As a group of us gathered in his suite, out came what resembled a mini salon, and he got to work. I got a color touch-up with some new highlights, as did Slice whilst Julie Kling and John Duke (who doesn’t really have any hair to speak of), sat around and got a consult on what to do with their color. It was amazing to see a great professional in action. No wonder he is he is ‘the man’ on both sides of the country that keeps the beautiful people….well beautiful!

    Saturday afternoon it was off for the final 1-2 hour bike ride, with a transition run. Half the group headed up the climb to Jamestown (8000ft), whilst the other group went off to check out the Niwot llama farm. It was on this ride the unwanted near miss occurred. Our superstar Louis misjudged a curve in the road, and landed up in the grass and dirt off to the side. A little shaken, but at least intact – the ladies of Hollywood and the Hampton’s could rest easy.

    Saturday evening was the traditional pizza and beer ‘awards’. Slice, Roch and Paul garbed up in traditional grass skirts and coconut bra’s, with John Duke piping in with his usual comments – handed out the awards. There were the perpetual ‘most likely to be….’ awards and a few new ones were added. But without a doubt the group had gelled into an easy going bunch that would always have a connection whenever they ran into one another at the races.

    Sunday morning saw the last quick workouts. A short swim, with some very entertaining relays. Louis posing at the poolside for the New York Times – doing a big story on why the world’s most famous hair colorist would want to do an Ironman. A short run for those who did not have to dash out of town, followed by any last minute consults on training programs. Hugs, good wishes and plans to see one another somewhere down the road, and everyone was on their way.
    Another great camp was over. Heather and Roch were headed back to San Diego as was Ryan. Roch has all of one day before he fly’s out to China where he has to switch to adventure mode. He will be preparing the Chinese national team for the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest later this year. Slice pointed East back to Virginia, and then on to Germany for the Ironman. Tim De Boom, just had to drive back down the highway to Lyons. Rick had headed back to Colorado Springs and Paul and myself loaded up the big Dodge and came West a few hours just shy of Aspen. We will be parking our very tired selves down for a few days of vacation here in the mountains, before we complete the long haul back to San Diego.

    Happy trails and safe training till next time!