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  • An Ecstatic Dave Selders Finishes at Ironman California!


    Dave Selders, 1st Time Ironman, Enjoys Success at Ironman California May 19, 2001

    Well, I have finally recovered from Ironman California and am taking a few moments to let you all know how much your efforts meant to me. Whether you like it or not, is first on my list!!!

    In February 1999, I decided to dry out (mostly!!) wise up, get in shape, lose 70 lbs or so, and run a marathon with one of the national fundraising programs (Joints In Motion). Having done that, and now 10 subsequent marathons, I needed a new challenge. Ironman was the next goal. As luck would have it, I decided to do this in December of 2000. Impatient me chose the first one open, Ironman California. Now, being from Northern Ohio, Ironman California was especially challenging, as bike training was difficult in the snow!! So, I started swimming, reading all the books and doing those dreaded indoor bike training sessions. My swim was not coming along, and my training was burning me out, so I went to my and bought the 9-week Ironman Distance Training Program and swimming skills video.

    I guess I am saying that without the programs, I would not have been able to even come close to finishing. I owe all of you my sincere thanks. This was an event that had a profound impact on my life. I know everyone says that, but I spent 4 hours on the Thursday before the race in Palomar Hospital after stepping on a sea urchin (or some poisonous crustacean), couldn't walk on Friday and limped to the swim start on Saturday. However, I knew I was properly trained, had the right fueling strategies, and during the race used some of the mental tools learned in the program to get it done.

    I was a full 33 minutes ahead of my swim goal (1:27, and had not entered a pool to swim in 7 years prior to starting in December). The bike was wicked, but fair. Come on, in Ohio, the hill leaving Camp Pendleton is considered a mountain and the only winds we get are is from tornadoes in Kansas! The run was an exercise in self-preservation, but, as you all know, nothing, and I mean nothing, can compare to the IM run course support. In the end, I got home in 40 minutes longer than I planned. Not bad at all.

    I know, Selders is rambling again, but I can't stop talking about the event. I plan to continue racing Ironman distances (Iíve signed up for an Ironman Florida community slot) and have successfully talked about 8 of my Joints In Motion friends into Ironman Wisconsin next year.

    I hope you all know how much you mean to "backpackers" like me both as coaches and athletes. Again, thank you, but words cannot begin to express my gratitude.

    All the best!!

    Dave Selders
    Akron, Ohio
    Proud Customer

    Note: The 2nd Ironman California was held on May 19, 2001 in Oceanside/Camp Pendleton California. As of this posting, there will be no Ironman California in 2002. The race has moved to Provo, Utah, and is scheduled for June 8, 2002.