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    Heather's Race Report San Diego Int'l Triathlon

    Well, the San Diego International Triathlon took place this past weekend on July 1st (Canada Day!!!). This year’s event featured a sold out crowd as many of us lined up for a great local event on a beautiful course. For me, this was a continuation of my quest for speed and what better way to do it than to jump into a race. I must say, the course: a 1km swim, a 30 km hilly bike, and a 10km pancake flat run was perfectly suited to my type of racing. The swim is short enough that I can’t lose too much time, the bike is up and down which I like and the run is a flat/ fast 10km. The race went well and I felt strong all day long. Unfortunately for me, Michellie Jones decided at the last minute to join the party. Needless to say, Michellie won quite easily, so the race was really between the rest of us. At about mile 3 on the run, I passed Jessie Stensland to move into 2nd place. There of course was not hope of catching Michellie so I was very happy to catch the others and take over 2nd. The final standings for the women were:
    1. Michellie Jones 1:38.03
    2. Heather Fuhr 1:40.05
    3. Jessie Stensland 1:41.40
    4. Wendy Ingraham

    Chris McCormack made it and Aussie sweep by taking top honors in the men’s race making it his 17th consecutive win on the circuit in a finishing time of 1:26.08. Greg Bennett was 2nd in 1:27.03 and Daniel Fontana of Argentina was 3rd in 1:28.19. Chris Legh placed a respectable 5th place in a good solid performance.

    The big story of the day however was shared this morning at swim practice. Apparently one of the pro men was caught part way through the swim wearing FINS. Yes you read correctly. The race start was a deep water start and so this allowed this individual to sit out at the start without anyone being aware that he was wearing fins. Because of the lack of numbers on the caps etc, the swimmer was not identified but I find it despicable to think that someone would think it so important to do well that they resort to cheating. It is not like there is an awful lot at stake in this race – there is not a lot of prize money, it is not a qualifier for anything. So why would someone stoop so low??? This is a good question and I just hope that this individual gets his just rewards. As we say, what goes around comes around and it will catch up to this person eventually.

    On another front, I had hopes of gaining some valuable “coaches challenge” points to help move myself up the standings. Unfortunately, none of my fellow coaches took the challenge and did the race with me – which I have been informed means that I do not get any points. NOT!!! I have decided that I will get the 1st place points – it isn’t my fault that no one else decided to race – and it is well within the 1.5 hour travel radius. OK maybe I will settle for 2nd place point considering I did end up finishing 2nd.