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  •'s Head Cycling Coach John Howard


    Cycling Coach John Howard Joins the Points Race...and more finishers from IM CAL

    Howard takes Gold at Cycling Masters Championships...

    The U.S. Masters National Cycling Championships, this year hosted by the city of Spokane, WA, represents the gathering of the faithful for all the sports' "old pros" from thirty to eternity.

    Our cycling coach John Howard competed this year to field test some of his latest coaching techniques. Riding both the individual road race and the tandem 30 K time trial, Howard and his cycling partner, Dr. Vic Copeland, dominated the tandem competition winning the by over two minutes in 35:38

    Howard is available to assist all Multisports clients who are serious about improving their bike splits.

    For more about John Howard and the cycling programs offered through, visit



    In the ongoing battle for bragging rights here at the office, we're not sure where this will put Howard, since until now, we had no category for cycling only, and certainly no category for cycling with the aid of another person (i.e. a tandem time trial race). Nonetheless, John will take home the knowledge that even if we had shown up at the race, he and Vic would have likely defeated any single one of us, hands down.

    On another subject, there may be no Ironman California for next year, however, we would like to congratulate some finishers from this year's race that we inadvertantly missed in our earlier posting.

    Congratulations to Ron Lee, 50-54 age group, from Tucson, AZ, who finished in 11:26.47, and to Eric Wright, 35-39 age group, from Menlo Park, CA, who finished in 12:26.08.