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  • Heather with a couple of campers - there will be plenty of mutisport alumni cheering her on out on the course.


    Heathers Lake Placid Diary!

    Monday - July 23rd, 2001

    Well after arriving at midnight last night, I was looking forward to a
    relatively relaxing day.  As it has been a couple of years since I was here last, I want to try and ride portions of the bike course over the next few days to reacquaint myself with the course.  I was lucky enough that Sue Fraser from IM North America was able to drive me out to the far part of the course so that I could ride back in.  This section include the out and back from miles 30-45 and then the remainder of the loop back into town.  Today was a beautiful day - quite warm (90 degrees) and a bit of a breeze.  The course is great - but it is definitely not easy. Deceiving would be the word
    I would use to describe the section of the course that I rode today.It does not look like you are going up hill but by the speed and gearing it is quite clear that it indeed mostly uphill. 

    After finishing the bike  ride, it was time for breakfast.  It is really not all that appealing to go out to breakfast alone so instead I hit the grocery store.  I got lots of stuff to tide me over for the next couple of days. 

    I then headed down to the lake to jump in for a swim.  THe water was nice - pretty warm, I wore a long sleeve wetsuit however if the temp of the lake stays the same I think I will opt for a short sleeve.  I got pretty warm during by 40 min swim.  The thing with the lake is that it changes pretty quickly with the weather - so we will have to wait and see.

    Now it was nap time.  I didn't get my usual 9 hours of sleep last night so a good long nap was in order. It felt great - one of those dead to the world

    After hanging out a bit more and talking to Roch (who is getting very excited to be leaving China soon) it was time to go out for a short run.  I headed out along the lake front and had a nice loosening run.  As I was finishing my run I saw people getting ready for the weekly Monday night sprint triathlon that they have here. They seemed to have a good turnout and I stuck around and watched them complete the swim portion.  I had to go then because dinner was calling - take out this time from a local pizza/pasta restaurant.  

    That is pretty much it for today - just some more hanging out watching TV and reading.  I am quite disappointed that the hotel does not have OLNTV so I am unable to watch the Tour.  I am having withdrawls as I can't even follow on the internet as I don't have access to the internet. Oh well - I will have to settle for the newspaper updates.

    A little stretching and then it is bedtime.  I am always amazed at how my body seems to adjust to the time change pretty quickly.  It is only 8:30pm which technically should be 5:30 San Diego time and I feel ready for bed.