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  • Roch gets in today - with the camera - so this is the obligatory mug shot.


    Heather Lake Placid Diary - day 2

    Day #2 Tuesday, July 24th 2001

    Well I certainly caught up on my sleep - I didn't come to life until after 8am this morning. It was nice to be able to sleep in.  This is a luxury that tapering affords -when you only have at most 2 hours of training/ day there is really not any need to get up at o'dark:30.   I got myself all ready to drive out to the far end of the run course to check out that section.  Just when I was leaving it started to pour so I decided to let it pass - why run in the rain if I didn't have to.   Finally around 10am I did my 45 min run - it is nice section of the course winding road and well shaded if it is sunny.

    Then it was off to the bagel shop to get something for breakfast.  The only other training thing on the agenda for today  was a swim.  I hung around the room for a while - caught up on the Young and the Restless and had a rest. 

    I headed down to the lake aroung 2pm for my swim.  It is great swimming in the lake as it is also used as a rowing basin and therefore the are buoys all along the course.  Not only are there buoys but the buoys are all connected by a cable that is submerged about 10 feet under water. You just swim along the buoy line and you hardly ever even have to look up as you can see the cable under the water.  This is a good tool on race day too.  The rain started again when I was swimming,but who cares I was wet anyway. 

    I went back to the room and that was about all of the excitement for the day.

    One more day and then Roch gets here - it will be good to have him back!!!