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  • TiangYing Qi, KongXiang Lin visiting LiuXin in the hospital after his spectacular crash. Only a mild concussion, road rash and 20 stitches to his left tricep. Better then being worm food.

    This was the main climb/descent during a lot of the teams rides and where they rode during the race. The road climbs for 3000 feet up to 10000ft with no flat section for a breather.

    . The team at Cafe de Jacks. My home and away from home were we all had a few Dali beers from time to time.

    The man himself, Jack from China. You know, Jack! Just like when people here I am from Canada and think I am supposed to know a guy named Bill they once meet from Toronto.

    This is what they call foreigner street. Great deals on CD's. Picked up a dozen new titles for a total of 20 U.S.

    . Race day brought perfect paddling conditions on the lake and some much needed sun shine.


    Team Mild Seven training camp, week #3

    The last week in China with the team went great. They were all starting to get very tired, as well as myself, but had a great last week of training. The week consisted of similar training to the past two weeks, but longer and harder. I had them finish with a race again on the last day, July 23rd. Switched the teams up, changed the order of events and added about 25min of extra running and cycling and one team still went 5 min faster then the first race.

    It is hard to come from a single, individual sport such as triathlon to a team competition and have to make the change from only thinking about "me" to worrying about three other team members. It took three weeks, but all the athletes got it right and did great the last day during the race. The finish times were 6:25 and 7hrs flat. The fastest team just had a perfect day going 30min faster then the first race while the second team had a bike crash (Zhi Bin is okay, just more road rash) and had Liu Xin on there team who was only able to run with the as he is still recovering from his major bike crash 10 days ago.

    The team members will be getting together for most of September as 6 of them go to the same sports school in Beijing and have permission from the school to training for the race in Beijing all of September. They will then travel back to Dali October 1st to start the second training camp where Huddle will arrive in Dali on October 10th and train them up to race day on November 1st.

    I will be traveling back directly to Lijiang on October 25th to help with the production of the MSOQ and to also help out Huddle with the last taper portion of the teams training.

    But for now I am enjoying my cheeseburger and fries and recovering from the trip.

    I will be in Lake Placid for Ironman USA so look for updates as the race nears.