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    Heather's Lake Placid Diary - Day 3

    Day#3 Wednesday July 25th

    Well I woke up a bit earlier today - 7am but then just hang out for a while. I decided that I would go and ride part of the course from 15-30 miles.  I drove out in the car and then rode that section and then back to the car. It ended up being a nice ride. This is one of the flatter sections of the course and it was even better with a great tailwind.  The problem is that a tailwind here means that there will be a nasty headwind on other parts.  Oh well - we will wait to see what race day brings. I saw a few others riding out that way as well.

    The town is starting to come to life and the Athlete's Village opened up today.  I can't honestly say that I went anywhere near it as I know that I will be spending plenty of time there in the next couple of days.

    I also swam one loop of the swim course.  I love swimming in the lake -  I will take it over the ocean anyday. 

    The day brought slightly cooler temps but still quite nice.  The forecast calls for cool  night and comfortable days. It will make for good race temp once it warms up.In the next couple of days it should become more clear what the weather will be like on race day.

    That is about all for today -I can't wait until Roch gets here so we can go out for breakfast - my favorite!!!