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    Heather's Lake Placid Diary #4

    Update #4 - Thursday, July 26th

    Well today is the day that the race festivities truly begin - registration takes place and the expo is in full swing.  The weather has continued to cool down - quite cool in the morning but it then warm-up up nicely and was perfectly clear.  The forecast looks like it will hold similar for race day - it will definitely be a cold start to the day but should be perfect by the time the run rolls around.  

    My day started with a short 1 hour bike ride on the beginning of the bike course.  I rode at about 8:30am which will be near the time that I will be out on the course on race day.  Arm warmers were definitely the ticket and probably will be on race day too.   

    Then it was time to relax a bit and wait for Roch to arrive.  He finally was on his way and was due to arrive around 11:30am.  Right on schedule, he pulled into the hotel.  It was great to see him and we immediately went across the street for a bite to eat.   Of course Roch's bags did not make it with him but fortunately he packed a change of clothes and some running gear.

    As it was time to register, we went down to the expo to get that task taken care of.  We saw many people that we knew and an hour of so later we were leaving the expo to head down to the lake for a quick dip.  Roch was very excited to hit the water - 3 weeks away from swimming and he can still drop me like a dirty shirt.  As I have said so many times - I love swimming in the lake it is great!!!  

    Today was the day for the kids splash and dash - it was great fun watching these kids ranging from ages 3-14 complete a swim/ run.  For the kids it is very exciting - they get to finish under the official Ironman Finish Line.   In addition to the splash and dash, there was a 5k which had a good turnout - hopefully no one doing the race went out and blasted it but I am sure there were a few.  Jamie Cleveland won the race in 15:02 - he thinks it was a bit short but the again he was light years ahead of the next competitor.

    Roch and I did our own little run around the lake - just enough to get the body rolling. That was it for the "training" for the day.  My biggest task was trying to keep Roch awake until we had to go to the CEO CHALLENGE Dinner. This was a great event.  This year there are 15 CEO's from various companies competing in the CEO challenge to find out who is the fittest CEO in North America.  This event/ category proves to be the next big thing.   

    That was the end of the day and it was time to hit the hay and get ready for the busier days ahead.