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  • Heather and Andrea Fisher Saturday morning just before a pre-race dip.

    Press conference. Going to be a good mens race with Cam Widoff, Steve Larsen and Peter Kotland.


    Ironman Lake Placid. The calm before the storm Friday and Saturday.

    IM Lake Placid Update – Friday July 27th and Saturday July 28th:

    Ironman fever has hit big time at Lake Placid Ironman, and as we get closer to race day the excitement continues. The weather has been getting better and better as the days go on this looks good for race day.

    Friday was the last day for people to register so there was a ton of action at the registration. This was also the day for the press to do their thing with ESPN interviews and the official Press Conference. The press conference was pretty much like any other. Most of the questions were directed to Steve Larsen the NORBA Mountain Bike Champion. This will be Steve’s first Ironman and he has definitely brought a Jurgen Zack type factor to the race. It will be interesting to see how fast he bikes the course and then how his running legs will hold up over a marathon – we will soon find out. Most of the others at the press conference relayed the common point of being conservative on the first portion of both the bike and run segments – it is the type of course that can be very unforgiving if you go out too hard.

    For most, this was a day off of training and this was a good thing for me (Heather) as with all of the other things going on it was nice to not have to worry about fitting in any training. In addition to the interviews and press conference it was time to do a bit for my sponsors. I spent some time at the Seal Mask booth and then participated in a Q&A panel at the Saucony booth. By the time this was over, it was getting near dinner and I was ready to just have a very relaxing evening.

    Saturday came with another chilly but beautiful morning. With temps near 35 degrees, it definitely was “crisp” but the bright sunshine took away some of the bite. It would be a perfect day for the race – there was no wind and it warmed up nicely. I hope race day brings something similar. As this is the day before the race, training consists of just a bit of everything to get the body loose and ready to go. We started with a short dip in the lake. I used my short sleeve wetsuit today and decided that that will be what I will use on race day – I don’t want to overheat in the water. Roch went sans wetsuit and while it was comfortable while swimming the air temp was still pretty cool and caused him to take on a nice shade of blue. Luckily next on the schedule was a light run – a chance to warm up a bit. Breakfast was the next important thing – I always like to eat a good breakfast the day before the race – so we hit the bagel shop. The final training of the day was a nice easy spin on the bike – just to make sure that everything is working.

    This afternoon was the Pro meeting – same old stuff – no drafting etc, etc, etc. We also had to hand our transition bags today and check in our bikes so after a little r&r in the afternoon, I dropped everything off. Now it time to get some dinner and get in the final prep for the race. We will wait and see what the day brings but I am looking forward to getting the race underway.