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  • the faces of Chris Legh - prerace

    .....on the run! the finish!

    Spencer Smith, Tim De Boom and Eric Burgen sharing a tender moment after the race.

    Jessi Stensland and I exiting the swim - there was nothing to smile about! We had been severely dropped! CEO, Ryan Chapman had a good day - even though I got him on the points!


    Multisports has a great showing at Carlsbad!

    Yes - I realise that we were only out racing here in Carlsbad for a little over an hour, whilst Heather was making us proud at the Lake Placid IM! However - we did our best to make a good showing at what is fast becoming one of the most popular local tri's in the area. This one is so close - I actually got on my bike and pedaled to the start.

    It was a big outing for multisport staff. Spencer Smith, Tim De Boom, Chris Legh, Jessi Stensland, our illustrious CEO Ryan Chapman, and myself. With a later than usual 8.00am start - the wind had picked up making for a very choppy 1K swim, against the current of course. I was promptly dropped on the mad rush through the surf (by super swimmers Michellie Jones, Nicole De Boom, Michelle Deasy, and a few others), and then Jessi (who had also been dropped), and I could not get out of each others way, despite having the whole ocean to move in. Fortunately Spencer was up front of the event having a super swim, exiting the water in 2nd place and on to the bike first.

    The two lap bike was interesting with a stiff head wind one direction and a fabulous tailwind back. Jessi and myself got out together and then she started having a few mechanical problems which set her back some. I managed to pick of just a couple of the gals in the quick 16 mile ride. Up front Spencer put the hammer down, holding off the likes of Paul Amey, Eric Burgen, Tim, Chris, to take a small lead onto the run. After a dissapointing showing at the World Championships last weekend - he was determined to show off his leg speed, pulling away for a very iumpressive victory. Our Ironman guys seem to find their legs as the race went on, and Tim went on to finish 6th with Chris in 7th.

    In the womens race, it was all Michellie Jones who put up a new course record, with Nicole De Boom in second, Michelle Deasy in third, and I managed to get myself up to fourth after a ding-dong battle with a couple of other gals on the run. Jessi came back with a strong run to finish 7th.

    The best part of the day is that it is over so quick, and you get to see EVERYONE on the out and backs of the bike and run. It seemed like everyone from the various swim groups, Wednesday ride, and track group was out either participating or cheering. It was like the massive family reunion. Even the queen of Triathlon Ms Julie Moss was out there looking very fit and fast.

    Another great workout and great race. This event has been going on for so many years, and the support shows us how healthy the grass roots participation is in our sport. Don't worry whilst we were out there basically having a glorified fun workout, we sent a group cheer all the way East to Heather who was doing the real thing - it would appear that she heard us!!