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  • At the World Track Champs

    Greg and Heather watching the games

    Heather and Henny Penny

    Being Checked out by George


    Heather goes back to her roots

    After Ironman Lake Placid, I decided that it would be a great time to go up to Canada and visit family. I stopped home in San Diego long enough to pack a bag and head to the airport. Next thing I knew I was up in Edmonton. I knew that I would not have to worry about fitting in training so that I could make the most of my 5 days. Roch joined me for the weekend – a short trip for him but at least time enough to see the family and get a run in the great trails along the river valley in Edmonton.

    August is a great time of year to be up there – the weather is great and most importantly, the gardens are in full production. I spent a lot of my time out in either my Dad’s garden eating raspberries or out in Roch’s parents garden filling up on fresh peas, raspberries and Saskatoon berries – YUMMY!!! This is one thing that I really miss is the opportunity to step out your door and head into the garden and feast on all of the wonderful fresh produce.

    Edmonton has been a busy place for athletic events this summer with the World Triathlon Championships and then starting while I was there the IAAF World Track and Field Championships. I was fortunate enough to be able to catch a day of the games. I went with Greg (my brother) and we watched a number of great events including: Women’s 100m- quarterfinals, Women’s 1500m heats, men’s 800m heats, and the real excitement for the day the Men’s 100m FINAL. It was amazing to watch these guys bust out of the blocks and blaze down the track – pretty incredible.

    Of course, when one is back home you must become one with nature. The cows and chickens were very “curious”. I was the Guinea pig – Heather pick up the chicken, Heather go crouch down in the field and see if the steer will come up to you. Well I did get hold of the chicken without any scratches and the steer was quite curious and almost gave me a sniff on the backside.

    Before I knew it, it was time to get back on the plane and head home to San Diego – I can only do the “no training” thing for so long and besides Nadine and Cleatus are getting very lonely at home. I am afraid that I am going to have 2 cats attached at the hip for a few days and they are probably very starved for attention.