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  • Ironman Canada Finishers.

    As the sore and tired legs from Ironman Canada start to disappear, we here at would like to congratulate ALL of the athletes who participated in our training programs for the event (some even qualified for Hawaii!!). The race featured perfect race conditions, except for some tacks thrown out on the course, that set many riders back with unwanted flat tires.
    Roch who made the trip up to Penticton witnessed many of the athletes on the course, and at the very lively and popular finishing area hosted by Mike Riley. Congratulations to all of these athletes. Some of you did not make it all the way, but that is where all the great stories and lessons are learned - and a starting point for the next challenge.

    Peter Reid : 8.27.47
    Bob Summers: 11.09.25
    Elizabeth Farnan: 15.49.56
    Roger Martin: 10.51.41
    Sue Fraser: 13.38.24
    Shelly Bramblett: 16.19.27
    Wade Blomgren: 10.30.39
    Ray Brown: 12.40.45
    Jason Phillips : 12.18.05 (3 Flats)
    Jim Goode: 15.15.23
    Kelly Allison: 12.12.32
    Stefan Alsop: 12.55.35
    Darrell Angle: 15.14.45
    Thais Bulger: 12.59.07
    Paul Gibbons: 12.14.10
    Russell Hunter: 11.50.56
    Eric Klumpen: 10.56.29
    Ann Leath: 15.08.02
    Mary Magnani: 12.23.08
    Kevin Meek: 13.36.30
    Rey Pesina: 15.09.12
    Lisa Ramshaw: 14.41.31
    Katrina Sovio: 13.21.01
    Matt Wowk: 14.25.29

    * If your name is missing from this list, please email us at with your results. We
    apologize for any omissions.