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 Seal Mask Goggles

To purchase Sealmask, the official swim mask of Ironman or any other Aquasphere procduct, please visit www.aquasphereusa.com.


  Swim Caps
Multisports.com Logo Swim Cap  

Multisports.com Logo Swim Cap:

Latex swim cap with Multisports.com logo.
White cap with black logo or red cap with white logo



The Ultimate Swimming Video

Swim Video
  • Do your triathlons start when you get on the bike?
  • Do you feel like you swim like a rock?
  • Are the Lifeguards following YOU in open water swims?

Read a review from one
of our customers about the
new Ultimate Swimming Video

It doesn't have to be like this. Do you want a simple demonstration that you can view in the privacy of your own home and that provides a clear understanding of the step-by-step progression toward the Ultimate swim stroke?

Using the same teaching and drill progression taught at Multisports.com camps, this 13-minute video is easy to understand and supplies both beginner and veteran swimmers with the essentials needed to master the ultimate way to swim.

Confused by other swim videos? Don't fret! Roch Frey takes you through easy to learn drills working on body position, lengthening, rolling, and his special "cheating catch-up" freestyle.

VHS available in NTSC (USA) format only.


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