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    Lisa Scher
    18 April 2008

    Lisa Scher

    Sammamish, WA

    2008 Ironman Arizona Camp 2008

    Thanks so much for the great info at the camp. It was very helpful for me. I used your points: "pacing, hydration and nutrition" as a mantra throughout the day. And for fun turned it into an acronym, PHuN, to remember to have FUN!!!!

    One of my other reminders to myself was what Paula stressed in her lecture: "Stay in the moment" and it sure worked, what do you know : ) Even in the morning getting ready I tried not to think about what was ahead of me down the road. I just focused on what I needed to get done at that time. It turned out to be the mentally calmest race I've done.

    And, as it turned out, I got one of those coveted Kona spots.

    Jeff Loh
    07 June 2011

    Jeff Loh

    Redlands, California

    Thank-you for your training plan. I started late, Dec 1st, after a co-worker told me about your program and asking you if it was too late. I followed your program and did just the minimum due to family obligations, 3 kids, full time job, and navy reserve.

    I was very intimidated after my friend and I drove the course and weather conditions were 90+ and windy. My goal was to finish. My parents, and friend (who is now a 2x st george finisher), my wife and kids who surprised me and came to support me watched me all day and I finished 15:51. I was in the slow and steady group and was minimally sore the next day!!! just stiff after driving back to las vegas.

    I am telling anyone who wants to make it to the starting line and finish line to just do your plan. I had a wonderful and enjoyable day.

    Thanks making an incredible journey memorable

    Rafael Fernandez
    02 July 2010

    Rafael Fernandez

    Rio de Janeiro

    Ironman Brazil

    Thanks for the great plan and all the advice provided by the "Ask the Coaches" section.

    Almost an hour faster than 2009!

    My plan for the next six months is to race a couple of halfs and do some local olimpic distance races, so it seems that the year round program should fits me, no?

    Is that ok to jump in?

    Joe Turcotte
    04 November 2009

    Joe Turcotte

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Ironman Hawaii Online Training Program

    Thanks so much for the perfect program to get me to the Kona finish line. There's no question that it was the coolest experience of my life. In three weeks I'll thank you in person when I race my 6th IM Arizona (yep, I’ve done them all) and my 12th IM in 4 years.

    After using your generic 9 week program for my first ten Ironmans, I thought I'd splurge for the complete package. I originally used your services for the simple fact that you guys crack me up. Imagine my joy to learn that you actually know what you're talking about as well. By the way cool schwag too. The post race recovery beverage was the best and the dashboard hula dude just replaced my IronWar bobble head statue.

    Steve Pushka
    14 October 2009

    Steve Pushka

    Park City, UT

    Ironman Wisconsin 2009 Online Training Progam


    A sincere "thanks" for coaching me to an Ironman Wisconsin finish. I really enjoyed your Ironman training plan and felt that it was well thought out and easy to follow. After self-coaching myself to several Ironmans, I am now a true believer in leaving the coaching up to the professionals. It was very nice to have everything thought out and planned for me. Your plan removed the stress of creating smart workouts and the fear of doing something that could hinder my fitness or recovery.

    I was particularly pleased with your incorporation of a periodization plan, which has always been difficult to execute. The periodization plan and overall weekly routine eliminated any unplanned or forced rest days due to overtraining, and kept me fresh for the next workout. This was also the first Ironman training year where I didn't have to sneak in an extra 100 mile ride to help me get over lack of confidence or fitness. All in all, it was a great experience!

    See you at the races.

    Adam Grant
    28 July 2009

    Adam Grant

    Encino CA

    Ironman Lake Placid 2009 Online Coaching Program

    Just got home last night to CA. Still on NY time. Many thanks for your help and for the Webnars - they are a perfect way to round out training. Also, they are very nice to review later. Part for information and part for calming the nerves.

    I finished in 12 hr 6 min. Not what I had hoped for after a 11 hr 34 min IMCA last year, but still faster than my first IM in AZ 4 years ago (thanks to Multisports I have completed 5 IMs successfully, without injury!)

    I have learned how much nutrition to take in on a hot AND VERY HUMID day (by taking in too much during the race) As my gut hurt and the climb back in to town with head winds sucked energy, I went to Paula's "Going Mental" mantra; "take each moment as it presents itself, adjust goals, be realistic, remain in the moment, focus and recover."

    I knew the day was not going to be "as pretty" as I would have liked- certainly not the 11 hr 34 I did in IM Canada. However, I thought - Adam, check your thoughts, you did a 12 hr 14 min in IM AZ, 4 years ago - flatter course - and now you will beat that time, four years older on a much tougher course in much tougher conditions - that is amazing. Those thoughts helped. I hurt, I recovered and I finished - with a smile!

    Many thanks. See you at the next IM!

    Stephen Albright
    10 September 2008

    Stephen Albright

    Huntington, NY

    San Diego Winter Camp, IM Arizona Camp, IM Lake Placid Camp, IM Wisconsin Camp and Online Training Program

    Thank you for another great year chasing my IM dream.

    In 2003, after 10 years of short distance triathlons, I dreamed that I could complete an IM race and registered for your 2004 LP camp. I couldn't believe that Paula actually answered the telephone and spoke with me. Then I met all of you and rode the LP course with Heather. I was getting advice from "the Coaches" and talking with the XTERRA world champion.

    Wow! Your advertisement was true, not only was it a fantasy camp but I was able to live it and the coaching,encouragement and camaraderie was great.

    I finished IM LP and had a new dream: to do all the domestic US IM races at the time over the next four years. I knew I needed more help, the training was hard and life often interfered but I was learning some things. I was developing a nutrition plan and getting some IM experience, plus I was being coached by and training with legends. I couldn't stop and it kept getting better.

    All the pros, celebrities and locations, it was heaven. I have so many wonderful memories from the past five years. I know that I am a fan and you probably hear this all the time but I want to thank all of you for having such a positive effect on my life and teaching me so much about training and racing triathlons.

    Thank you for always taking the time to make me feel like part of the Multisports family. I am still finding new ways to dream and hope to see you soon.

    Cara Gleason
    31 July 2008

    Cara Gleason

    Burlington, VT

    Ironman Lake Placid (USA) Online Training Program

    Thanks for the great training plan. Yesterday s race was a ton of fun & I felt strong all day. I am guessing it was all that intensity work that you had us doing months and months ago. Your plan has a great combination of consistency, intensity and rest. It worked well for me a first timer with a busy job. I finished much faster than I imagined and am walking pretty well today. The rain was a bit of a bummer at first but after the first few hours, it seemed normal. At least we did not have to spend the whole day wondering if was going to start to storm.

    I have also enjoyed reading your question and answer forum even if the topic had no relevance to my race or life your answers are always thorough and funny. My personal favorite is the one about transition stretches in response to Pete s question from May 2008. I tried to read it to my husband but I was laughing so hard I was crying & could not spit it out. I tried to do a demo but that just made things worse. I also took your advice to Karen from 2003 as permission to walk up Mill Hill both times. It seemed like an excellent plan & worked well; it was just about the only place I walked.

    David Smith
    29 July 2008

    David Smith

    West Bath, Maine

    Ironman Lake Placid (USA) Online Training Program

    Hello Coaches,
    just wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of you. Your program had me well prepared and confident at the starting line!!!

    It is also nice to see a program with a recovery phase that takes you beyond the race. Thanks for putting up with all of my emails throughout the year and my last minute nervous question about the course at the breakfast.

    Paula you were right, we went out and had "a day", but all of that rain I think motivated the crowd and motivated the athletes and I cut my time by nearly 2 hours!!!

    I will get to Kona one day.

    Dave Coburn
    27 March 2008

    Dave Coburn

    Seattle, WA

    2008 Ironman Arizona Camp

    It's always great to preview the course, but even better to get excellent coaching, course specific advice and "encouragement" all along the way.

    All of you, the extended staff, that pro in pink (Michellie Jones) and the other campers were good sports and a lot fun! Look forward to seeing everyone in seven weeks.

    Thanks guys....won't be my last camp!

    Alexis Stone
    08 March 2008

    Alexis Stone

    Phoenix, AZ

    2008 Ironman Arizona Camp

    I am 39 years old and new to the sport of Triathlon. I started general triathlon training 6 months ago and have never raced in any events at any distance.

    I found the 2008 Ironman Arizona Triathlon Training Camp online. These are the best Triathletes in the world and having the opportunity to attend this camp was absolutely unbelievable! How lucky could one get? But, I am just a beginner…

    I attended the Camp and it was the best weekend I have ever had. I learned more in three days than I had in the last 6 months. The lectures and the training were invaluable. The staff was incredible and the 3 days were far too short. I started that camp nervous and apprehensive then ended the camp excited and focused. They brought me to the next level and I will compete in my first Ironman in November 2008.

    Monica Murphy
    28 March 2008

    Monica Murphy

    Louisville, KY

    2008 Ironman Arizona Camp

    I just wanted to thank you for putting together an awesome camp! I had so much fun and came away with a fresh perspective about the race and competing in the sport.

    I've had coaches who were encouraging, brilliant, and fun, but never all three. You and the staff at Multisport have really found the right balance!

    Thanks for a great ride and some really beneficial advice.

    Zoe Sonoda
    20 March 2008

    Zoe Sonoda

    Lynnwood, WA

    2008 San Diego Winter Camp

    The information gathered at the camp was beyond valuable. Anyone serious about making triathlon a part of their life, whether recreational, amateur, professional, competitive can benefit from this camp.

    It is essentially summed up that you as coaches are providing the "tools to do our job"... it is up to us as campers to apply that knowledge personally and the relationship it has on our participation in the sport.

    I am looking forward to attending next Winter! I enjoyed this camp immensely and recommend it to my tri friends endlessly. Thank you so much for a great time!

    Dick Snyder
    12 March 2008

    Dick Snyder

    Austin, TX

    2008 San Diego Winter Camp

    The activity and learning at the camp exceeded my expectations. You have a nice team of people who obviously know their stuff and yet seem able and willing to keep their egos well in check. I am sure that it must be a challenge to be effective with the range of clients from professional to beginners to age groupers.

    Your passion for the sport really comes through and provides encouragement to those of us in the middle of the pack trying to have fun but to also improve.

    Thanks again and I hope to see you at one of the events this year.

    Kathy Millich
    13 March 2008

    Kathy Millich

    St. Helena, CA

    2008 San Diego Winter Camp

    Thanks for a great camp!

    It was a fun time and I learned a lot from all of you as well as my fellow campers. I think you called it a "fantasy" camp on your Web site and it truly was - to be able to train and learn from the best in the sport was amazing.

    I also really like the approach you all take. I think even age groupers can get pretty intense about training and competing and forget that it's supposed to be fun as well.

    I left the camp with more confidence and motivation for this up coming season.

    Holly Miller
    24 January 2008

    Holly Miller

    Tempe AZ

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank you both for your time, effort, and patience at last night's swim clinic. That was the best swim coaching I have received - EVER!

    I told Michelle I usually dread having to go to the pool and swim but this morning I couldn't wait to get in the water and practice what Ive learned! That's just amazing!!

    You guys are brilliant, I will definitely sing your praises to my peers!

    27 March 2008

    Richard Bishop

    Orange County, CA

    2008 Ironman Arizona Camp

    To say that I was very happy with my whole camp experience is putting things way too mildly. From beginning to end the entire camp went forward as if I had planned out my dream weekend for training for IMAZ. All of the staff were very accessible, knowledgeable and really friendly. I wouldn’t change one thing!!

    I really took a lot of good practical advice from all of the lectures. As a middle-pack age grouper I never once felt that the lectures were tailored for the more competitive/capable triathletes. The lectures were spiced with humor and interesting stories yet included all of the technical aspects that I wanted regarding gear, course information, etc.

    I biked for 5 hours with Paula Newby-Fraser; what else do I have to say!! Paula set a consistent workable pace and I learned during the ride what that will feel like on the course that I am about to race.

    08 November 2007

    Troy Amster

    Paul and Roch,

    Thank you! The program has been great but the encouragement and wisdom from the "ask the coaches" section is truly priceless, so thank you.

    First things first, I am an Ironman! Obviously as I look back on the day I think "man I could have done this"... or tried that..., but in the end no matter how slow I went I still walk away with an Ironman finish, and that is a very sweet feeling.

    Paul our talk on the phone was very encouraging, and using your suggestions I tried not to push anything -which in the end proved

    Roch, thanks for taking time to chat on Friday, I know you were swamped with responsibility and I truly appreciate your time (and the
    quick photo op).

    After the race I went to the medical tent and had the medic listen to my lungs and he said I had a little crackle but nothing serious and today, thankfully, I feel fine.

    Followed the training plan to the letter today:
    1) I walked funny,
    2) I pounded a cheeseburger at the Waffle House this morning!

    Thanks again! Great training program as well as excellent insight and wisdom for all the crazy questions.