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Do you ever wonder how much time you are giving up on your bike due to aerodynamics?   Are you sure those bottle cages, race wheels, helmet, and/or handle bars aren't slowing you down?  Are you putting in hours of training that is being undermined by a poor position on the bike?  Or, are you more aero but not producing as much power?  There's only one way to find out for sure, and that is by getting the "Ultimate Bike Fit" by at the San Diego Air & Space Technology Center Low Speed Wind tunnel.

The vast coaching and cycling expertise of the staff and the nearly 200 years in wind tunnel experience of the San Diego Air & Space Technology Center Low Speed Wind Tunnel engineers have been combined to craft an innovative testing protocol. This protocol is designed to give triathletes the opportunity to optimize their cycling position and walk away from the test knowing they have achieved the best possible position on their bike. Each participant will spend up to one hour on the first ever cycling specific balance (drag measuring device) made for low speed wind tunnel testing. has teamed up with San Diego Air & Space Technology Center Low Speed Wind Tunnel of San Diego to design a platform that is capable of precisely measuring the relatively small changes in a cyclist's aerodynamic drag that can be improved by adjusting position and/or equipment. In addition, each cyclist's power output will be set to match their racing effort to verify that position changes made during the test can be maintained on race day.

Information such as road speed, wind speed, cadence, heart rate, drag, and power is constantly projected on the floor in front of you while you ride so you can instantly see the progress of your position changes. Upon completion of your test, you will receive two DVDs featuring your entire ride in the tunnel, including multiple viewing angles and coaching commentary. You will also receive a detailed analysis of your data.

Expert Coaches Paul Huddle, Roch Frey, or Jimmy Riccitello will be available in addition to cycling aerodynamics expert Kraig Willett from to ensure that you will have the best opportunity to leave the wind tunnel faster than you came in. We have wind tunnel tested nearly 150 cyclists to date and will use this knowledge to maximize the benefit of your time in the tunnel.

Before and during the test you will receive a bike fit by personnel who are Fit Institute Slowtwitch (FIST) certified fitters.

At the completion of your testing, you will receive:

We all want to go faster without spending additional energy. The pursuit of "free speed" is the objective of this testing.

The cost of the test: - $975.00
Contact Dave Sanford to schedule

The wind tunnel is located five minutes from San Diego Lindbergh Field airport.

Note: Wind Tunnel testing dates are subject to change due to possible conflicts/commitments with aircraft industry customers. Every effort will be made to ensure that this does not occur. If a conflict does occur, then you will have the option of transferring your test to a different test date or have your money fully refunded.