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Greg Welch
Greg Welch

Greg Welch entered the sport of triathlon with one thing on his mind, which was to finish it. Greg started out in cross country running as a 14 year old knowing he could get out of school days doing something he really loved. Who would ever have guessed that this plucky little Aussie battler would become the sports most versatile athlete? He debuted in the sport of triathlon in 1985 at a local Olympic distance event finishing in the rear of the field. "He swam as though he had a bag of bricks tied to his ankles" according to his swim coach Roch Frey. Welchy did something about this in 1990. Greg moved into the fast lane at swim training even though he couldn't keep up, but according to him it was the only way he would improve. Well low and behold, the diminutive Aussie phenomenon won the 1990 World Olympic distance Championship in his first try as a pro!

Given Greg's vast sporting experience it was inevitable that he would gain success in this sport as his work ethic was second to none. Preparing for Kona in 93' after finishing second in 92' Greg was going for the win. After training with Jurgen Zack, the powerful German, all summer on the bike he was ready to take it on. Putting the final touches on his Kona preparation Greg won the World Duathlon Championships 2 weeks out from race day. Two days after the win in Dallas, Greg was riding home from swim training where a motorist therefore denying the gutsy Aussie of his first Kona title cleaned him up head on.

After rehabbing the broken left knee Greg was like a bull at the gate with the fire in his eyes again. His goal was realized when he conquered Kona and took out 6-time champ Dave Scott in the process. Greg added another world crown, long distance triathlon, in 96' becoming the only athlete in triathlon history to OFFICIALLY gain the sports Grand Slam.

Greg is now coaching athletes in Olympic and Ironman distance triathlons as well as 5k through Marathon running. Greg holds a level 2 Triathlon coaching certification (Australia). He coaches athletes of all abilities with Chris Lieto (Ironman Wisconsin winner) among his stable. Greg is happy to work with his long time friends Paul and Roch but even more happy to be around PNF and Heather, OH yeh Dukey too!