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Sheri Fraser

In 1986, Sheri entered Hawaii Ironman because it seemed like an interesting challenge. She then bought a bathing suit, bike and running shoes. While training for this event she discovered a love for biking and after surviving Kona, continued on with road racing.

After the birth of twin boys in 1990, she focused on the swim and run, and eleven months later, won her age group at the World Championships.. Ten years after Kona, Sheri tried another Ironman.

22 Ironman later, all top 10 finishes, she continues to enjoy competing at a high level {despite closing in on 50 years old}and since 1994, has been helping other motivated athletes achieve and exceed their goals.

Sheri has successfully balanced family, career, and household chores {not a priority} and racing as a pro triathlete{career #2} After 11 years as a sport massage therapist, she has a developed extensive knowledge of potential injury causing issues, as well as prevention and treatment measures through proper technique/ biomechanics and training smart. With all the training gadgets and accessories available to improve athletic performance, Sheri stresses the importance of focusing on how your body works through efficiency and relaxation and that your body is the most important piece of equipment you will need to get you to the finish line.